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Bamboo Throw – the Cutest Home Accessory to Keep You Warm This Autumn

Bamboo Throw – the Cutest Home Accessory to Keep You Warm This Autumn

Autumn is officially here! While some people are currently enjoying the refreshing drop in temperatures, others are dreading the fact that we’re getting closer and closer to winter. Especially the ones like me – the perpetually cold people. There’s an upside to this though – the chilly weather is the perfect excuse to adorn your home with stylish new accents that will help you stay warm and cozy. Like for instance, a bamboo throw – one for the sofa, one for the bed, one for your reading nook.

A Delightful Gift of Warmth
When it comes to fabrics that retain heat and offer a great layer of insulation, bamboo is simply unbeatable. It has amazing thermo-regulating properties that can keep you toasty warm while watching your favourite TV show. But perhaps the best thing is that unlike most blankets and duvets for winter, the bamboo throw is very lightweight and won’t smother you.

Stay Healthy
When the flu season arrives, you’d be very glad you chose something natural too keep you warm. While synthetic fabrics can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, organic materials are less prone to housing these disease-carrying nasties. And bamboo is the absolutely best choice due to the fact that it contains a natural anti-microbal agent called “bamboo kun” which acts as a repellent against pests, bacteria, and viruses.


A Feeling of Freshness
When the temperatures drop, we’re more likely to spend time indoors, sitting on our couches. When spending too much time on the couch, the moisture from our bodies tends to soak in, which over time can leave an unpleasant smell. And since nobody has time to clean the sofa as often as necessary, a bamboo throw can be the best way to keep it fresh and clean. Not only will the throw help preserve the look of the sofa, but it can also prevent it from becoming smelly. You see, bamboo fabric has a tight structure that does not retain odours nor absorb stains, ensuring the throw always looks and smells fresh and clean.

Year Round Use
While a bamboo throw is a fool-proof way to keep you snug in winter, there’s always room for you to use it in the warmer months as well. You see, the same thermo-regulating property of bamboo that keeps you warm, can also make it an essential sofa accessory for cooling off in the summer. It might be hard to believe this, but bamboo fabric is able to properly adjust to your body’s temperature. The fact that it’s lightweight and breathable is also a big plus for using it during summer time.

Stephanie Tierney