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Design Tricks for Creating a Functional and Stylish Small Living Room

Design Tricks for Creating a Functional and Stylish Small Living Room

Small living rooms come with many design challenges since striking the perfect balance between comfort and function can be a tricky business when you’re working with a limited amount of space. From the colour you choose for your walls to the size and style of the furniture, every little detail can have a major influence on the final look of a small living room. That’s why careful planning of both the room’s layout and design is essential for creating a functional living space that looks stylish, homey and inviting.

Oval Coffee Table

There are many design tricks that can maximize the potential of small rooms. The key to successful layout planning is to choose furniture that you can easily arrange and fit into the limited floor space you have at your disposal. Although they look very practical and stylish, avoid bulky furniture pieces with sharp edges since these will overwhelm the space and ruin its layout. Pieces that add a sense of space and have a compact size like an oval coffee table with a glass tabletop can be the ideal choice for small living rooms. With their practical yet stylish design, multifunctional pieces such as an oval coffee table, an angled sofa or a side table with drawers allow you to make the most of your available space, while at the same time adding aesthetic value.

In addition to choosing bulky furniture pieces, another mistake many homeowners make is trying to squeeze in as much furniture as possible believing that this will make the room more functional and comfortable. The truth is that even if your get smaller pieces designed to fit a small room, too many of them will make the space crowded and disorganized. This is not the look you’re going for, so try not to get overboard when furniture shopping.

Another great design trick is to use the power of smart décor and lighting to visually expand the space. When chosen right, elements like ornaments, lights, mirrors and window treatments can make the room appear more spacious, all while adding a dose of elegance and style to the interior. You need to decorate the room in a way that maximizes space. In this case, the size and style of the décor pieces are not the only things that can make or brake the final look of the living room. The colours you use can have a major influence as well. When decorating a small space avoid using dark colours like black, red, purple and brown since these have the ability to make the space look smaller than it already is. Instead opt for softer hues like beige, white, pink and grey since they can brighten up and visually expand the room.

Small living rooms often lack natural light, so to make sure yours gets as much daylight as possible, choose light-flittering window treatments like sheer curtains that let in plenty of sunshine into the home. To illuminate the space at night, opt for smart lighting solutions like wall mounted LED lamps or recessed lights that can efficiently light up dark corners of the room. While floor lamps have an elegant design and can provide bright illumination however these aren’t the best choice for small spaces since they take up valuable floor space. In addition to smart lights, a large mirror with a stylish frame can also brighten up the space and add a touch of elegance. Place yours on the wall opposite your window so it can reflect the view and create the illusion of a bigger living room.

Stephanie Tierney