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Display Products Attractively and Increase the Sales in Your Supermarket

One Glass Door Display Cooler

Display Products Attractively and Increase the Sales in Your Supermarket

For a supermarket to be successful and make sales, selling the right products might not be enough. The way your products are displayed to the customers (a process called visual merchandising) is also vital. While an attractive exterior and brightly coloured signs might encourage people to come into your store, it’s great displays that make them stay there and become a potential customer. Everything, from packaging, to stacking, colour sorting, and display fridges plays a key role in promoting your products to customers.

Provide Easy Access and Convenience

Regardless of whether the products you’re selling are in demand, if they are not presented properly – their desirability can be easily diminished. Be sure to show off your best-selling products in an accessible way. Perishable goods should always be stored in a glass display fridge where customers can see and take them easily. Popular snacks should go on your top shelves at eye-level and beverages that are customers’ favourites in a one glass door display cooler for quick access. Also, consider keeping goods that are commonly bought together near each other, like for instance crisps and beer. This added convenience makes a purchase more likely.

Great Products Need Great Displays

No matter what you’re selling, always use smart and good-looking displays. A great display is designed for a specific type of a store and often used only for a particular group of products. Just think about it, it makes more sense to organize your beverages neatly in a one glass door display cooler for easy grip, rather than in a chest fridge, randomly scattered among dairy products without any particular order. Make sure to always keep the doors of your glass coolers clean and stain-free to make products appear more attractive.

Watch Out for Clutter

The more goods you have on display, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll make more sales. In fact, over-cluttered stores tend to visually confuse and tire customers, making it easy to actually find what they came in for. Instead of using a bulky three door fridge for all the beverages you’re selling, you can simply use a one glass door display cooler and restock it every time you notice that more products are being sold. Shopping should be enjoyable, with a lot of space to move around, and a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Plus, when there are less things around to divert attention, it’s easier to direct the focus on the things you aim to sell the most.

Manage Space Efficiently

Another part of good merchandising is an efficient use of space that generates a smooth flow of traffic. An efficient floor plan is one that consists of a good deal of isles, shelves, and display fridges while still offering plenty of space to accommodate more people. The check out counter should be located at the front of the store so you can greet customers as they come in the door. Plus, they will have to move around the whole store in full circle (and get to see most of your products) so they can come back to pay for their stuff.

Stephanie Tierney