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Don’t Be a Fool – Be Always Prepared with a Leatherman Multi Tool

Multi Tool Leatherman

Don’t Be a Fool – Be Always Prepared with a Leatherman Multi Tool

Tools are for a men what make up is for women – you simply can’t get enough of them so you buy and buy and buy, you know, just in case. I personally had a big fascination with tools which cost me thousands of dollars. But the sad thing was that they just sat in my garage, scattered all over the place. And it seemed as if I was cursed to never find what I was looking for at the moment I needed it. Luckily, my wife knows me so well that she realized exactly what I needed but somehow never thought about buying. So the perfect out-of-the-blue gift came in the form of a multi tool Leatherman. God, I love this woman!

If I had to choose one thing to take with me on a desert island this would be it! It’s built with survival in mind. The first tool created by Tim Leatherman was the “Pocket Survival Tool” that hit the market in 1983 which triggered a revolution in pocket tools. It was everything the world had been looking for as it succeeded in everything that a typical pocket knife could not just by adding pliers. Starting from there, all the successive versions became more and more advanced.

This multi tool Leatherman innovation conveniently combines an incredible number of 17 tools in one neat package. It’s light and can easily fit in your pocket. With Leatherman you have everything you need within your hand’s reach, which is far more convenient than searching through and carrying around a big heavy tool box. Moreover, every tool is made from high quality stainless steel in order to withstand all kinds of situations. It makes the perfect accessory for campers because it includes scissors and a knife with beveled edges that can cut through even the thickest of branches.

Convenient for all DIY enthusiasts who constantly work around the house – it has a small and large screw driver and a ruler for correct measuring. But most importantly, it can come in handy in situations when you’re in the middle of nowhere and start experiencing problems like, for example, starting your car. Plus, being made from stainless steal makes this tool perfect for activities near water like, for instance, fishing. It can even help you to better secure the bait onto the hook. I personally love it because of its can and bottle opener which I use whenever I want to refresh myself with a cold beer or two.

Leatherman’s top advantage is that it includes all the essential tools, plus some others that you never even thought you’d need, but you’ll come to realize you cannot do without. Don’t be a fool – make Leatherman your trusted side kick in all of life’s adventures!

Ian Tompson