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A Little Bit of Drawer Slides

Heavy Duty Slides For Drawers

A Little Bit of Drawer Slides

Though we live in an era of technology, meaning we have information so readily at our disposal, there are still many things we don’t know until the time comes when we could use some extra information about them. Let’s take drawer slides for example: how much do you exactly know about them? Unlike in the past when wood was the preferred material, nowadays metal definitely is the chosen one, especially in the case of drawer slides.

The answer to this change of preference lies in the advantageous characteristics of metal: it doesn’t change when humidity changes throughout every upcoming season like wood does, no sloppiness and no binding. As you’d get to know, there are different types of metal drawer slides, from basic, and complex, to hidden, all of them differing in price.

As you might guess, the basic ones, roller slides, are the most common and most affordable type, known for their length slide, two to three quarters of length to be exact, reliability and easy mounting, which makes them great for numerous applications, shop including. However if you’re up for something that’s full extension, suitable for industrial drawers, electronic cabinets, tool boxes, fire units, under tray Ute boxes, and tool boxes, then that’s what heavy duty slides for drawers are here for – the complex alternative.

Then again, from the heavy duty slides for drawers, you have two choices: locking or non-locking slides. Another option that provides more strength than the basic ones are the side mount slides; as their name implies this type of slides is mounting on the sides. However, due to their dust sensitivity, they are best used in offices and kitchens. And then, there’s the hidden option – the latest in drawer slides. As you might guess from their name, they aren’t visible when open, but they do take up some of the inside drawer space.

What’s specific about them is they can be found in more complex variants, like those operated by electric motor mechanisms which allows for them to be opened with the simple touch. What they aren’t known for, though, is their weight capacity – you’re better off using them with kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Once you set your mind on a specific type, a word of advice is to pay attention to the installation tips, use the recommended tools, and make sure you use the adequate load for the drawer slides, knowing they can carry that weight.

Ian Tompson