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It's no great secret that children love to play, whether it's together with their parents or by themselves, with whichever toys are their favorites or just by running around and making as much noise as humanly possible. They are easily excitable little balls of seemingly infinite energy that only stop every now and then to eat and recharge their energy before immediately rushing off and almost instantly bounding off almost every possible surface. This is not that much of a problem for parents since they will gladly endure all of the noise their kids little vocal chords are capable of producing if it means that they tire themselves out in time to go to bed at night.

This world we live in is a myriad of possibilities. I think we greatly owe this to technology and scientists and inventors who weren't afraid of trying out to bring their imaginative ideas to fruition. Thanks to the internet, modern lifestyles are constantly changing for...

Just like working with kids is demanding but very fulfilling, so is working with the elderly. It is demanding of patience and skills and very rewarding because of all the beautiful stories, pieces of wisdom and words you're eventually going to hear (among other things,...