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Exercise and Fun – You Can Have it All, Rolling Down the Street

Exercise and Fun – You Can Have it All, Rolling Down the Street

Looking for a new cool activity to spice up your summer days and keep yourself in good shape? Why not try inline roller skating? It’s the perfect mix of exercise and recreation! You’ll melt calories off like butter and tone your body muscles without even putting much effort into it. Time to bring back some childhood nostalgia and try on your old skates to see if they still fit. Or even better, pick some of the new and improved models of inline roller skates from the vast array of choices on the market and discover the wonderful world of inline roller skating.

Roller skating is considered a complete aerobic workout as it activates all of the body’s muscles, especially the heart. Plus, the fact that the American Heart Association recognized it as a true aerobic fitness sport that helps strengthen the heart, only confirms that. Moreover, the fluid motion of skating causes less than 50% of impact shock on the joints as opposed to running. It’s nice knowing there is an alternative form of exercise for everyone with knee problems.

And don’t get me started about the weight loss effects of rolling on inline roller skates! It has been proven that an hour of roller skating burns between 300 and 600 calories. Plus, you will notice your butt lifting, your calves getting stronger and belly getting flatter. Skating is also incredibly beneficial for everyone who works in an office and sits 7-8 hours a day as this can cause irreparable damage to your posture and can trigger back pain. Therefore, just an hour roller skating a day can significantly help your health overall.

Let’s not forget the mental benefits of roller skating! Feeling the wind breezing through your hair while rolling can act as a form of meditation, helping you clear your mind. There is also the thrill of speeding down the street which increases the adrenaline and releases endorphins, known as the happy hormones. That’s the reason why many therapists recommend roller skating for treating mild forms of depression.

Skating is even more fun when doing it with friends or family on a warm summer day. You can make it even more challenging by racing together. Or, if you’re looking for a fun and unique idea for a date, try roller skating to share some fun times together.

Well, that’s about all I could think of when it comes to all the thrill and healthy effects of roller skating, but I’m sure there are a lot more you can discover by yourself. Now go out into the sun and start rolling your worries away!

Stephanie Tierney