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Your Fresh Dose of Inspiration – Dining Room Details That Add Interest

Your Fresh Dose of Inspiration – Dining Room Details That Add Interest

If you are sick and tired of the plain and boring style of your dining room, giving it its much needed refresh doesn’t necessarily have to mean a full-blown overhaul. We all want to make our home look its best without having to spend a fortune, and luckily when it comes to the this part of the house, there are so many details you could add to it to create the ambiance you so desire. I promise you that’s possible by just switching up a few things and adding some details. In this blog post we will talk about some of the little things you could do to give your dining room a brand new glow.

Dress to Impress

To set the mood, invest in some seasonal table elements that will add interest to the dining table, such as pastel-coloured napkins in springtime, and metalic tealight holders during the colder periods of the year. Depending on the occasion, the table settings should reflect the overall style of the dining room, which means they can be either dressed up or dressed down. Combine different materials such as wood, glass and metal to add interest and substance.

And don’t forget about your table linen! The right choice of a table linen will evoke an understated luxury and will add an effortless elegance to your dining room. Add centerpieces that will not overwhelm the entire setup, but rather complement it. Mind you though, they shouldn’t be so large or tall to get in the way of the conversation across the table. Another idea is to add tall candles and floral arrangements on a storage console or a side board to add some drama and height.

Create a Focal Point

This year’s trending and attention-grabbing wallpaper colour print – navy blue is your best bet for creating a rich and dramatic space. Large-scale murals are also a unique way to personalize your dining room. If your room’s style is understated, a good idea is to create a paneled wall with routed MDF panels and paint them in a neutral shade for a sophisticated effect.

Set the Scene

When creating an inviting space, well-planned lighting is an essential element. The overhead lighting should be dimmable to make it easier to set the mood. Also, when installing pendant lights above the dining table, make sure that the shades hang just enough to enable uninterrupted sight lines across the table. You can also try a group of dark lampshades that have gilded metallic interiors suspended low over the table centre. Another option is going for a statement crystal chandelier that will create a gorgeous glow. Don’t forget about wall lights too. Candle sconces are especially effective and the contrast of black candles against mirrored sconces is gorgeously luxurious.

Stephanie Tierney