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Glass Dining Table: Reflect the Best of Any Dining Room

Glass Dining Tables 2

Glass Dining Table: Reflect the Best of Any Dining Room

Glass is one material that will ever become outdated. In our daily lives we come into contact with so many things made of glass from windows and glasses all the way to appliances and furniture. Although it’s been centuries since glass furniture has been around, it still somehow manages to stay current and stylish. Like for instance, glass dining tables, which can bring a modern feel to any kind of dining room setting.

Glass Dining Tables

You might be wondering why would someone want a glass dining table? Well, there are plenty of good reasons. Let’s start with the most apparent one. Glass is transparent and as such it does not visually interfere with the interior. This makes glass dining tables the best solution for small dining rooms which lack the space and light. Due to its reflective surface, a glass dining table can visually enlarge the room. Moreover, all kinds of décor elements from fresh flowers to candles or fruit work great with glass table tops.

Because it’s translucent and colourless, this table is the ideal choice for minimalistic and futuristic dining rooms. That’s the reason why so many Scandinavian furniture shops include glass dining tables in their range. A glass table with a simple and non-obtrusive shape is the perfect solution when you want to create a soothing and harmonious dining room setting. With such a subtle choice of a table, you can easily shift the focus on a different element you want to showcase, like for instance a stunning chandelier.

Moreover, glass tables are an awesome way to show off your chair set. Especially if you have them upholstered in a stunning fabric. A glass table will always bring your chairs to the front for everyone to admire, instead of hiding them in the shadows. The glass tabletop works great with all kinds of seating options. You can try a fun mix and match  look by using several designs of chairs that differ in shape or colour.

But although it’s transparent, don’t think a glass dining table will be invisible every time. There are many eye-catching dining tables that feature glass tabletops together with dramatic, sculptural bases. Together with a simple glass top, an extravagant base can achieve a nice, balanced contrast. The shape and colour choice should be influenced by the rest of your dining room’s design.

In any case, glass dining tables give you an unlimited amount of freedom to decorate your dining setting anyway you like. And if you already have designed the rest of your space, but somehow can’t find the appropriate table to complement it, you’ll never go wrong with glass – it’s timeless, it’s versatile and above all, it looks stunning.

Stephanie Tierney