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Hampton Style Bedroom: A Trend That Traveled All the Way from USA

Hampton Style Bedroom

Hampton Style Bedroom: A Trend That Traveled All the Way from USA

Setting the right stage for your sleeping nook is essential. A well-designed bedroom can be more calming, cosy, romantic and restful. To promote relaxation where you need it most, you need to zero in on which décor style you personally favour. Lately, for a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom, homeowners are interpreting the sophisticated look of the Hamptons.

The classic Hampton style is all about relaxed coastal living. It’s luxurious and elegant, casual, comfortable and beautifully timeless. No wonder, Hampton style bedrooms are becoming more and more popular in Australia. Plus, according to interior designers, Hampton style furniture ages gracefully. It will look good even after years of use, thanks to the minimalist details and a sense of tradition touch.

Whether you want to build a new sleeping nook or tweak the one you have, a chic, livable and breezy coastal style will help you create the just-right space.


Hamptons style is all about neutral colours. Rarely will you find a purple rug or an orange throw in a Hampton style bedroom. A calming colour palette of white and blue will make your relaxation zone comfy and sophisticated at the same time.


Hampton’s bedrooms tend to be about classic style, so opt for timeless furniture pieces in neutral colours rather than what is on-trend. A couple of handcrafted Hampton bedside tables made from plantation mahogany placed on each side of the bed could be the essential pieces missing in your bedroom. Look for Hampton bedside tables that come with spacious drawers for extra storage space and antique brass handles for contrasting features.

Hamptons wood bedside table


To achieve the perfect balance between refined and relaxed living, use soft, time-worn printed linens and plenty of blue accents to infuse your sleeping nook with coastal style. Stick to natural fibers such as cotton and linen.

Window Treatment

If your bedroom faces east, it’s essential you have some kind of block-out window treatment. If you’re lucky enough to have ocean views, then certainly maximize them, but only during the day – you won’t want the rising sun waking you up early in the morning, would you? Plantation shutters are great for adding a casual, coastal note to your bedroom while providing full block-out needed in the mornings.


Woven baskets in addition to being decorative are also a good storage solution, and an easy way to add a bit of seaside style to your bedroom. Flowers placed in glass vases are also essential accessories to complete the room – white flowers are always a safe choice.

Don’t feel overwhelmed when decorating your bedroom in the Hampton style. Just keep in mind that this style doesn’t require breaking the bank, but it calls for careful selected décor pieces.

Ian Tompson