The Healing Power of Sauna: Sweat Your Way To Glowing Skin
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The Healing Power of Sauna: Sweat Your Way To Glowing Skin

infrared portable sauna

The Healing Power of Sauna: Sweat Your Way To Glowing Skin

A friend of mine recently took me to a sauna. She had been talking and constantly complaining about the fact that there is no sauna in the gym we go to, so she took matters in her hands and arranged a little treat for us two. Apparently, sitting in a sauna for about 10 minutes or so, does miracles to the skin. One would say, why not sweat like a pig on the treadmill or lift weights, but no – it’s not the same. While running and weight lifting are amazing physical activities that would make you sweat every toxin out of your system, a sauna therapy is something more sophisticated as it penetrates in the deeper layers of the skin. Along with the many medical benefits, sauna treatments improve the appearance and quality of your skin. Here’s how.

Opens the pores

When we start to sweat, there’s an amazing sensation taking over our body – the pores start opening and the toxins start leaving the system. I love the feeling it delivers to my senses so I personally think that everyone should be able to experience this not once, but several times a week if possible. While it’s hard, expensive and time-consuming to go to a spa centre that often, having the opportunity in the comfort of your home, isn’t. I got myself an infrared portable sauna which I usually place in the middle of the bedroom and prepare a real spa treatment with everything: essential oils, scented candles and relaxing music. I do the spa treatment three times a week to make sure my pores are always clean from the daily use of make up. This results in a clean, glowing and healthy skin.

Blood circulation

People who visit the gym frequently probably won’t have problems with circulation, but people who have to sit for more than 8 hours a day and don’t go for a run later, definitely would. The most common problem is slow blood circulation, which often results in heavy breathing, inability to function properly and similar problems. When you don’t have the time nor the means to go for a sauna treatment in a spa centre, having an infrared portable sauna at home would be a real blessing. The infrared rays emit warmth that expands the blood vessels, which ultimately leads to an improved and faster blood circulation. This means oxygenation of your organism without you having to leave your home.


Sweating alone won’t really help your body release the toxins it held in the deeper skin tissues. Sweat can only take out as much and you can see that by regularly hitting the gym. That’s why my friend was so pissed that our gym doesn’t have a sauna. According to her, a gym must have a sauna so people can literally get all toxins out of their body after they’ve sweated most of the topical dirt.

If you have any doubts whether a sauna can really improve the appearance of your skin, try it. You’ll see and feel some results from the very first time, and I bet you’d be looking for a way to include a sauna treatment in your weekly pampering routine immediately.

Stephanie Tierney