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Teens are all about independence and staying as far away from their parents as possible. It's that period when they only want to be with their friends, locked in their rooms listening to loud music or out experimenting and having fun. They always seem to look for their own personal space and no parent should try to take this desire and curiosity away from them. These are hard years for kids, so instead of making it even harder for them, the whole family should try to respect their emotional and physical changes, because what they're going through is a real roller coaster of emotions and we all know that very well because we've already been through it.

I think those people who say they don’t care much about the appearance of their homes share Pinocchio’s lying tendency. Even if you’re not exactly the person who enjoys decorating, don’t consider yourself as much of a connoisseur of styles or how to play with them, you still add things in the very place you call home with the purpose of making it feel homey and that’s what matters. The word most of us associate with home is comfort and that’s where furniture plays a great role. I used to be one of those who didn’t exactly have faith in their own decorating skills, but after equipping myself with sufficient amount of magazines, I got the courage enough to try out.

Today mix-and-match dining sets are so vogue. They give a very personal imprint to the space, making it look much more inviting and modern. Shaking up the traditional matching dining chairs is a great starting point for creating a more vibrant space that will scream...

With spring already here it's the perfect time to get your outdoor space ready to welcome the new season in style and comfort. Whether that be a fun barbecue with your friends, breakfast with your family or just enjoying with a nice cup of coffee...

 Antique Chinese FurnitureSome like it chic, some choose antique. It's not that antique is not chic, it's just that it's much more than that. Antique pieces of décor and furniture, especially those inspired by the rich Chinese culture, are in fact story tellers of bygone eras and I howl at their beauty like a wolf in heat. Asian-inspired interior might not be everyone's cup of tea, but this type of design has certainly nested in the homes of many Australian old souls. As of late, I am drawn to thinking that if I were to have it my way, antique would have been the norm that’s taking the design world by storm and this is how it all started.

Have you ever noticed how rarely families nowadays spend time together? Have you ever stopped to think about the fact that parents and children are drifting apart because of their everyday responsibilities, missing out on each other's life? Yes, it is a rather sad and...

With today's modern and fast-paced lifestyle finding the time to relax is really essential. While most people think that this is a luxury in a world full of 9-to-5 jobs and other responsibilities, it is a well-known fact that anything can be achieved with the right time organization and of course, the ideal conditions to lay back and take a break from the chaos in the world. There is no better place to read an interesting book or spend some quality time with your family and friends than on your well-decorated patio. Outdoor Sofa Australia
As you might have heard, the only constant in this world is change. As we can see, things have considerably changed since the days of ancient civilisations in terms of clothing and furnishing. In the past furniture did not have the same role as it has nowadays, which is especially notable with the dining table. The high classes of society spread about an eating trend that omitted tables and put more focus on lounge chairs, making eating as relaxed activity as possible by lying down and not involving much movement but rather giving all the accent to the experiencing of different tastes.