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Improve Turbo Diesel Engines Performance

Improve Turbo Diesel Engines Performance

4×4 vehicles and turbo-diesel engines go together like bread and butter. They’ve been the engine of choice for most adventure seekers and off-road enthusiasts for a long time now, and all for a couple of good reasons. Their fuel efficiency and reliability are usually excellent and with the new, modern computer-controlled rail injection systems that almost every new turbo-diesel 4×4 has these days, power has significantly increased as well.

dump pipe

However, this new technology has overshadowed one of the oldest methods to get more engine power – throwing your junkyard turbo and steam-pipe manifold away. Nowadays, getting more out of your engine may sound more complex, but is in fact much easier. While stock engines show admirable numbers in the showroom, throwing in some larger tyres on your 4×4, a UTE tray full of camping and sports gear and a trailer will slow it down significantly.

Oftentimes, the factory exhaust system is what stands in the way of increased performance. Manufacturers build their exhausts so that they reduce noise with large mufflers, particulate filters, etc. Moreover, they have a penny saved a penny served policy and build the exhaust system with mild-steel and press-bent pipes, which are of low quality.

As exhaust gases travel in pulses, when your engine completes a combustion cycle, the piston pushes all the burnt fuel and air into the exhaust manifold, right past the turbo and into the dump pipe. Some parts that restrict the flow, such as press bends, or restrictive mufflers, make it hard for the engine to push the air out of the exhaust system.

That being said, an aftermarket stainless steel or aluminised steel, that has mandrel bends and a dump pipe for a pyrometer, should be mandatory for any turbo-diesel engine. The gains from these parts are around 10%, if not more, simply because the engine won’t have to work as hard as without them to build up power.

Simply put, an aftermarket exhaust system that features mandrel bends, a dump pipe with pyro, and is made of quality materials such as aluminised and stainless steel will give your vehicle a significant performance increase, as well as an improved fuel economy, especially if you have a turbo-diesel engine. Performance increases are expected to rise by about 10%, and more importantly, once you install an aftermarket system made of quality materials, you’re set for life. Stainless steel and aluminised steel exhaust systems are corrosion and rust resistant and are very durable.

Ian Tompson