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Leather Bags – From the Everyday Carrier to the Evening Clutch

Leather Bags – From the Everyday Carrier to the Evening Clutch

I could accept a bad hairstyle day or a pair of jeans that the last time they were trendy was the time when Christina Aguilera wore everything but clothes, but I could never in a million years accept wearing an ugly bag! I mean, going out with the wrong bag for the outfit? I’d feel committing a fashion crime and so incomplete!

All the bags I have in my closet are there for a reason: some of them are simple, big and roomy which makes them perfect for my work outfit as in them I can keep my snack, a bottle of water, my wallet, keys and a few cosmetic essentials. Others are tiny and stylish, so I wear them usually when I go out. However, whether I choose a tote, a flap or a shopper bag, I always make sure it’s functional, affordable and most importantly – that it reflects my personal style.

That’s why, out of the thirty bags I own (it’s not normal, I know) about twenty of them are made from leather. I absolutely adore the functionality of ladies leather bag! Another thing I love about them is that you don’t have to spend thousands to get a quality, chic and practical leather bag as there are many ladies leather bags shops that offer quality ones at affordable prices. The simplicity of their sleek design, their durability, the expensive feel they give as well as the numerous colours and designs they come in add a dose of sophistication to every outfit.


Out of all the bags I own, some pack bits of humor, such as the LOL bag or the one shaped as a big red mouth, while my leather bags are there to remind me I’m not 16 anymore. However, whenever the rebel in me needs some adventure, I take my brown leather backpack or the fringed leather bag and I accessorize my party outfit with it.

Plus, leather is a material that has been a constant on the fashion scene for oh so long! I’m sure your mom also had at least one leather bag when she was young, and if she still keeps it, I’m confident you can still wear it as these all-time classic pieces will probably never go out of style. Leather is durable, it is glamorous, it is elegant, it is sophisticated, it is bold and at the same time subtle. In a nutshell, a leather handbag is all you need to spice up a boring outfit or to complement a sophisticated one. Make your pick from the many ladies leather bags and make the world your runway.

Stephanie Tierney