LED Floodlights: Add Bright Light to Your Porch Without the Use of Fixtures and Bulbs
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LED Floodlights: Add Bright Light to Your Porch Without the Use of Fixtures and Bulbs

Flood lights

LED Floodlights: Add Bright Light to Your Porch Without the Use of Fixtures and Bulbs

Flood lights are also known as security lights, which are used to provide immense quantities of bright light without using expensive fixtures and bulbs. Their most common place of use are porches, playgrounds and swimming pools. They can also provide the user with an affordable and easy way to fend off intruders and wild animals. New buyers can be surprised by the amount of options they have when it comes to buying floodlights. Some things to consider before buying LED floodlights are: the location of the lights, the colour, available features, type of bulbs, etc. Let’s talk about these things a bit more in-depth.

To get the most power and brightness without hurting anyone’s vision, LED floodlights should be mounted at an angle around 20 degrees pointing downward. They should be facing the desired location and should not be pointed at a neighboring home. And last but not least, they should be positioned at least 10 feet from the ground as they produce a significant amount of heat and can pose a threat to anyone who comes in contact with them.

Motion Sensor
Motions sensors for LED floodlights are cheap and practical. They operate with infrared sensors that pick up heat waves when somebody or something is moving within range. They usually have a 180 degree range of motion and can pick up on objects or people from up to 50 meters away. Depending on the type of sensor, the light can stay active from 1 to 10 minutes and then shut off on its own. This can be a great safety feature and prevents energy waste if the owner forgets to turn off the lights. It’s important to consider whether you want this feature or not when buying floodlights.

Dusk to Dawn
This feature is primarily meant for the purpose of security. It turns the lights on when the sun begins to set and off when the sun rises. This feature will save energy and add extra safety to your hour. People that use this feature should consult their next door neighbors to make sure the all-night light does not disturb them.

LED floodlights consume little energy and last for an exceptionally long time if kept in good condition. Some manufacturers claim that they last for up to 20 years. They can produce their maximum brightness capacity at a moment’s notice. They are usually heavier than other types of lights and don’t come in many shapes. However, their durability and performance make up for that.

Ian Tompson