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What to Look for in GU Patrol Flares

What to Look for in GU Patrol Flares

Gu Patrol Flares for Sale

One of the most popular trucks in Australia is the Nissan Patrol. They’re top-notch trucks with superior build quality that seldom needs any upgrades. However, even for a quality truck like the Patrol, heading on an adventure off the beaten track might be slightly problematic, and you might want to invest in extra protection in the form of flares.


Typically, most Nissan Patrols won’t sport quality protection flares for off-road adventures. The reason why fender flares play such a huge role in protecting your rig on the off-road, is because they take most of the beating from mud, debris and other flying items like rocks when they go under your wheels. You can easily find quality Gu Patrol flares for sale online at affordable prices.

When looking for Gu Patrol flares for sale, there are a few consideration to keep in mind. First and foremost, who’s the manufacturer? There are a couple of quality brands in Australia, like Prestige, Kut Snake and Prestige, all who are extremely popular for a good reason. Flares manufactured by these companies are certainly a great addition to both aesthetics and function to your Nissan Patrol.

Furthermore, you can find different types of flares from these manufacturers: cut-out, OEM, pocket style, fender trim and street style. Picking the one that’s most suitable for your Patrol will mostly depend on your driving style, your tyres and personal taste. If you want something to make your vehicle look more rugged and tough, then pocket, extended or cut-out flares are the choice to go for. However, this also means you’ll need to have larger tyres on your vehicle to pull the rugged and tough look off.

Another important factor to consider when buying fender flares, is the material they’re made of. Typically, quality flares are made out of either ABS molded plastic or fiberglass. Fiberglass models have their paint chipped off easily and they can break or crack. ABS plastic, on the other hand, is much more energy and shock absorbent, as well as flexible, making it the better choice for rocky and rough terrain driving. The semi-gloss finish makes it so you don’t have to paint it, regardless of the colour of your Nissan. Furthermore, ABS plastic features UV protection features which protects it from brittleness and ensures its colour will stay intact even if placed under too much sun exposure.

Lastly, the wheel coverage that flares provide is also not something to overlook. Larger coverage means better protection. With that being said, it’s recommended that you look for flares with at least 55mm wheel coverage. This also gives you the option to change your smaller tyres into bigger ones without needing to buy new flares.

Ian Tompson