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For the Love of the Ocean – Bring the Hamptons Coastal Vibe Into Your Home

White Coastal Furniture - Featured

For the Love of the Ocean – Bring the Hamptons Coastal Vibe Into Your Home

Light blue walls, sophisticated crisp linens, a distinct palette of neutrals, whites and blues, woven details and sandy feet up on a slipcovered sofa – all call to mind the amazing feel of coastal style and the stunning airiness of a beach house. No matter where you call home, whether your view is cityscape, landscape or, if you’re lucky enough, seaside – you can design your home in a breezy and bright style – one that will make you feel like you have the ocean on your doorstep. Introducing: the basic elements of the contemporary coastal style.

As warm as the ocean’s sands and as organic as the ocean, this design style brings a bright look to every interior. The main thing go remember about it is that it is mainly defined by clean lines, natural materials and textures. The rule of thumb here is – the simple the better. You can freely go bold but remember to stick to basic finishes and simple lines. Put the following tips into practice and you will literally transport yourself straight to the seaside.

White Coastal Furniture


Deep shades of coral, turquoise, blue and orange for bright accents combined with neutral colours as bases are the key to the contemporary coastal style. Once you choose the colour you want to go with, make it strong and vibrant throughout your home. The rule of thumb is to have the entire base interior scheme in a neutral shade and to use a single accent colour throughout the room in order to reinforce the coastal look. You will surely notice the huge power of details here – they matter big time!


When choosing furniture for a Hamptons-inspired home, you’d like to go with something beautiful, timeless and affordable. Maybe mid-century white coastal furniture with clean, sleek, modern lines that is characterized by an unexpected splash of colour. Also, hand-made furniture pieces made of quality timber can certainly add warmth and will make your contemporary coastal home more inviting. Choose white coastal furniture that will leave a statement and will be an investment that will never date. Keep it simple and bear in mind that you don’t have to spend a fortune on furniture – a set of basic canvas chairs, for instance, will do the trick as it will create a modern feel while keeping to a montone colour scheme. Use the lines and materials of the furniture in your house (for instance, a wave-like headboard in the bedroom) to evoke a coastal vibe and create your dreamy, beach home.


A clean, contemporary backdrop will be even more enhanced and shown in its full splendor with classic, maritime-inspired lights. Polished chrome, aluminium and stainless steel are quite appealing to the eye and work perfectly well in kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces designed in coastal style.


There is no doubt that statement art is the way to add interest and wrap the look altogether. As a matter of fact, the shape and the colour of the art pieces can dictate the tone and the ambiance of a space. For that reason, use an oversized statement piece of art with a coastal theme. Using multiples of the same object is always a good idea as it makes for a stylish statement. For the sake of adding more interest, place a nice, coral-toned artwork to instantly create a coastal chic.


Stephanie Tierney