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Organic Lifestyle: A Little Bit of Bamboo Fabric as the Ideal for Babies

Organic Lifestyle: A Little Bit of Bamboo Fabric as the Ideal for Babies

You’ve heard the saying before, as soft as a baby’s bottom. Well, it came to be because babies really have a soft skin, having in mind it was well protected from damage all the time while inside the womb.

However, as soon as they come to the world, you can’t expect that soft skin to always stay that soft unless you take proper care of it, starting from giving them a massage right after baths, the timing when the skin can hold up moisture, along with using adequate eco-friendly products, to prevent sunburns, and diaper rashes.

There’s also the aspect of clothing, and accessories, so it’s important to ditch synthetics and opt for organic bamboo: from baby bamboo wrap, and towels, to onesies, hats, gloves, anything and everything bamboo.


Bamboo has made it big in the world of trends these last few years, and with reason. Since the plant itself is resilient, and doesn’t require harsh chemicals to protect it in the likes of pesticides and fertilisers, nor does it require chemicals to process it, it’s sustainable and eco-friendly.

Once turned into a fabric, it helps with thermoregulation, which means a baby bamboo wrap and bamboo clothing in general can keep your baby snug and warm, without getting sweaty or uncomfortable due to the breathability. Can it get any better than this?

Yes, it can! Unlike other fabrics, bamboo is hypoallergenic, and antimicrobial, meaning it’s a clean and healthy fabric on the skin, and knowing how soft a baby’s skin is, taking the adequate precaution to prevent allergies and rashes from appearing is a must. Knowing this now, can you continue buying non-organic fabrics full of allergens?

Speaking of softness, we can’t overlook bamboo’s softness as the perfect match for a baby’s delicate skin. As I already mentioned, bamboo is resilient, and as a fabric it’s as durable as can be, when taken care of properly.

Don’t worry, as long as you machine wash in warm water, without the use of bleach or fabric softener, dry clean and iron cold, you have nothing to worry about.

Thinking about it, when you buy bamboo based clothing and accessories, you don’t just think of the well-being of your bundle of joy, but the nature too. Once you start making this organic choice, you’d see how your whole lifestyle easily shifts towards an organic based one, so there are more benefits than it seems.

Invite bamboo in your life, protect your baby, and the environment.

Stephanie Tierney