Reasons Why Rechargeable Headlights Are the Best Choice for Camping
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Reasons Why Rechargeable Headlights Are the Best Choice for Camping

Rechargeable Headlights

Reasons Why Rechargeable Headlights Are the Best Choice for Camping

To adventure seekers, there’s nothing quite as exciting as camping at night. However, without a good light source, spending the night outdoors can feel more like torture than a recreational experience. And don’t even think that a simple flashlight will do. I’ve tried going camping with a regular flashlight just to save a few dollars, but it it was certainly not worth it. It will keep your hands occupied and your backpack full with spare batteries. Now, before you try to duct-tape a flashlight to your forehead to free up your hands, consider a far more elegant and convenient solution – a headlight.

After you discover how convenient headlights can be, you will be figuratively and literally enlightened. Finally, you will be able to do all the simple tasks you couldn’t do because they required using both hands. Having a headlight means you don’t need to wait for the sun to rise in order to chop some wood or do some other chores around the camp. Plus, venturing out in the woods is much safer when you have a light shining from your head rather than one holding in your hand.

However, not all headlights are created equal. There are countless of cheap models you can order from any Chinese online shop, but there’s no guarantee they’ll last longer than a month. Headlights, like most camping equipment, should be reliable, durable and resistant to all kinds of elements. Even if they might be one of the more expensive types, rechargeable headlights are without a doubt the most advanced portable light solution thus far.

Rechargeable headlights are smaller and lighter than the ones using disposable batteries. This is an important factor for a headlight as it needs to be as lightweight as possible so that it is comfortable to wear it on your head. Not to mention how you won’t have to worry about running out of battery – these headlights have an USB port that you can use to charge them. Whenever you feel the light is becoming weaker, plug it into a portable power bank, your phone, or RV power outlet and it will be 100% full in just an hour and a half. This is very convenient for heavy users.

Furthermore, in terms of durability, rechargeable headlights are unbeatable. They are known to last up to 100 charging cycles. Normally, one cycle consists of 8 hours, which translates in 8000 hours of continuous use, or 333 days. With good care, a quality rechargeable headlight can last till the end of your camping days. Think about all the money you’ll save on batteries which you can later use for something else, like for buying a warm and cosy sleeping bag for instance.

Finally, by investing in rechargeable headlights you are doing a lot of good to the environment. Disposable batteries are made out of a number of toxic chemicals, such as mercury. When they are disposed, the casing disintegrates and all the dangerous chemicals leak into the surrounding environment, contaminating the soil and water. But rechargeable batteries have a long life span, produce less waste and generally do not use such chemicals.

Ian Tompson