Uncover the Mystery of Egypt and Discover Yourself
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Uncover the Mystery of Egypt and Discover Yourself

Trip to Egypt

Uncover the Mystery of Egypt and Discover Yourself

There’s something in remnants from ancient times that always seems to captivate me. Is it the fact that they managed to survive for millennia that connects with my deep fear of mortality, or maybe I’m just drawn to them because they offer a gateway to how people lived long before us? That I have yet to find out. I’ve toured every single museum in this country in search of answers. However, nothing connected with me the way King Tut’s exhibition in Melbourne did. I was thirsty for more and nothing could stop me! As soon as I was able to, I booked a trip to Egypt. Oh boy, what a profound experience was in store for me.

There’s probably no place in the world that will make you aware of how small and insignificant you are than standing under the immense stone ruins in the Sahara desert. Watching these figures tower above you, will make you face your own mortality. The people who built them are long gone, but they have long outlived them.

“Will I leave something for the world to marvel at?” – I wondered as I was standing in the shadow of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Resembling a stone hill at a height of 139 m, the Pyramid of Giza is the tallest ancient structure and one of the seven ancient wonders of the world. This immense architectural feat has forever eluded scientists and inspired many theories about its construction. All we know is that it was meant to be a burial ground, but its complexity for ancient standards gives conspiracy theorists the incentive to argue that it may have been aliens who created it. I’d like to think it was humans and their unstoppable relentlessness, for it makes my faith in humanity even stronger.

Not further away, in the same pyramid complex, you can find the mysterious Great Sphinx of Giza. Half human – half animal, all threatening. It was built to guard the tombs of the Pharaohs and made me respectful of everything surrounding me, for I was standing on forbidden ground. However, the little ol’ Westerner in me couldn’t help but pose as if kissing it, just for that funny Instagram photo.

A trip to Egypt could also be somewhat of a religious experience too. Getting to walk in the blistering sun along the same trail Moses did when guiding his folk through the desert makes you feel literally as if in the shoes of these people. You can even stop and catch your breath where the Holy Family is thought to have rested while fleeing Herod’s murderous spree. Here, in the great Sahara desert, Biblical stories come to life.

If you want to get back to reality, there’s no better way than sobering up in one of the many bazaars. Walking through the stands is a real treat for the senses. The mouthwatering smell of freshly cooked food, the bright colours of soft fabrics, the loud booming sounds of the salesmen calling you – it’s unlike anything a Westerner has experienced. I chuckled to myself as I was scavenging through the many exotic items as if I was somehow going to find a magical lamp. And I couldn’t recognize myself bargaining with the salesmen for a cheaper price – I would have never done something like that back home. Wow, did it made me feel feisty and self-confident.

In Egypt, there’s a little something for everyone, not only for History lovers. If travelling is all about relaxing to you, you can chill besides the Red Sea on some of the cleanest beaches in the world. Or, if you are an insatiable foodie, the Egyptian cuisine is a mix of spices you’ve never tasted that is bound to make you hungry for more. In the end, visiting Egypt is a journey of discovery for everyone. You might find some hidden artefact in the sand, or even better – some unexplored part of yourself.

Stephanie Tierney