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3 Easy Summer Hairstyles For All The Lazy Girls Out There

3 Easy Summer Hairstyles For All The Lazy Girls Out There

I think it’s easy to say that our summer oven has been heated for a long time now and we actually need a little break from it but apparently summer wants us nothing less than medium to well done. Besides the heat, we also have to deal with unbearable humidity that apart from making us toss and turn in our beds at night, it annoyingly plays with our hair and sometimes all a girl wants is to achieve a straight hairstyle, but with our lovely Australian humidity that’s literally impossible. And don’t even get me started on blow dryers… But then again, who needs dryers with this heat, right? Our blow dryer is the one and only Sun and it won’t let us enjoy the pleasure of cold water drops after the shower since it immediately makes them disappear.

But hey, we should actually be happy about that. Put your blow dryers aside and keep them safe for colder days because naturally dried hair is way more beautiful and gracious and even though it’s hot outside and we haven’t seen ourselves with a full makeup on for…well months probably, we girls shouldn’t let heat to stand in our way of looking fashionable. So here are 3 easy summer hairstyles that don’t require a lot of effort nor an extra heat other than the sun.

messy knot

The Messy Knot

We don’t need anything sophisticated for the summer. Any hairstyle that speaks casualty and simplicity is perfect for this time of year. So tomorrow before you go to work, do yourself a favor and get that hair up. Basically what you need to do is move the knot back off the top of your head and make it loose to get a relaxed and chic summer bun and the humidity and the salt from the ocean will help you get the perfect texture this messy knot needs in order to survive throughout the whole day.


Trendy Hat Hairstyle

This is a quick and easy solution and it’s perfect for the weekends when you get up at 11:30 instead of 11am. The road from home to the nearest beach is paved with so many fashion critics, so you need to be alert at all times! Choose one from the many trendy ladies summer hats and wear it gracefully. This way it doesn’t matter if you’ve washed your hair the day before or not and with such a vast variety of trendy ladies summer hats you’ll definitely find the one that matches your favorite swimsuit and beach scarf.

overnight curls

Crazy Overnight Curls

Although we said that thanks to the heat our hair is always wavy or curly, sometimes we just want to take the curliness to the next level. Before going to bed, part your hair in three equal sections and take each section and twist it as tight as you can. Once you’re done, clip the section on the top of your head and make sure to keep it very tight so it doesn’t come off while you’re sleeping. The next day, after you’re done with your morning rituals, let your hair go, put on some really discreet makeup on and you’re ready to conquer the world.

Stephanie Tierney