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4 Thoughtful Military Gifts for Him

military gift for him

4 Thoughtful Military Gifts for Him

More often than not, we’re so preoccupied with our jobs, families and daily schedules that we forget to appreciate the ones who put their lives on the line for our safety and freedom. Sure, everyone’s line of work is important in its way, but military personnel deserve some extra recognition for their service.

If you know someone who has devoted their time and energy to the military, why not show them your appreciation with a thoughtful and meaningful gift? They probably already own all the essentials every military person needs to have but there are a handful of unique and special items that could be a great addition to their collection.

What Are Good Military Gifts?

There’s a somewhat conventional approach towards gift giving in the military, as it focuses on items that reflect the values of camaraderie, loyalty, dedication and strength. Each item holds a special meaning that can be used to honour and recognise the service of army personnel.

Military Hat Badges

military hat badges
Source: army.mod.uk

Throughout history, the army hat has been an inextricable and influential symbol of mutual respect, pride and potential within the service. It’s often used to indicate the soldier or marine’s rank or branch of service, with special insignia and decorations that are unique to each unit. These decorations are normally in the form of easily-recognisable military hat badge sets that sit proudly on the front.

You don’t need to be an active member of the military to purchase these badges – anyone can pick out a badge that reflects the branch and unit of their loved one as a gift, even for those who have retired or been discharged.

In terms of design, there’s a wide range of military hat badge sets that have different styles, shapes, colours and sizes. For instance, the classic Rising Sun badge reflects the military history of Australia, with special editions from various decades to commemorate their service. The original design from 1902 was given to mounted troops in the Boer War as a sign of recognition and honour.

It features the capitalised Australia in the centre of the rising sun, and it has a brownish-red background with a flat base. Fast forward to the 1940s and you’ll come across a version with a slightly different shape, where the brownish-red had been replaced by a golden yellow. The sun also morphs into a more pronounced shape, with a raised base and more defined star points.

Another instance is the Air Force army hat badge, which has an eagle plastered on the front with its wings spread wide. This symbolises strength, loyalty and courage – essential characteristics of every air force member. The crown at the top of the design reflects the authority of the military, with an intricately-designed shape that ties all the elements of the badge together.

Ceremonial Sword Desk Sets

ceremonial sword
Source: fordemilitaryantiques.com

Historically, the ceremonial sword is given to soldiers who have achieved high levels of success in their military career, or those who are taking on new roles and responsibilities. It’s a gesture of appreciation and respect, with a symbol of power that reflects the hard work and dedication of army personnel.

While you might not be able to give away actual ceremonial swords as gifts, you can still praise their achievements by giving them a miniature replica of the actual set. It features two swords crossed over the handle of a traditional shield, with intricate detailing and engravings that adorn each piece.

The sword is often crafted from a mixture of wood and metal, with a bronze or silver-plated finish that lends a luxurious feel to the set. It’s often accompanied by an ornate stand, which often has an armorial bearing of the recipient’s branch or regiment. You can even purchase a set that features an eagle and crossed flags, which add to the regality of the gift.

Army Cuff Links

army cuff links
Source: hopedesignltd.com

A criminally underrated yet essential piece of military apparel, cuff links are a small but significant way of showing your appreciation for the armed forces. First and foremost, they are used to secure the cuffs of a shirt, but they also act as an external symbol of military pride and recognition.

You can find various designs and styles when it comes to army cufflinks – from simple round ones with the regimental insignia or crest on them to more intricate designs that feature popular military symbols such as the Rising Sun or a tank. Their small size makes them perfect for those who are looking for a way to subtly display their allegiance.

Decanter Sets

For those that love to indulge in the occasional whiskey or scotch, having a personalised, military-themed decanter set can take the whole experience up a notch. They’re normally crafted in a traditional design out of crystal or glass, with a lid and stopper at the top. Engravings or symbols can be added to the sides of the decanter, along with any other personalised messages that you’d like to have included.

These sets also come with crystal glasses and a serving tray, which can be customised with the same symbols and engravings. Not only is it an accurate representation of a soldier’s service and commitment, but it also serves as a reminder of the bond they shared with their fellow troops – they’ll have the chance to reflect on their experiences every time they pour themselves a drink.

Ian Tompson