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4 Ways to Achieve an Instant Outdoor Area Makeover

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4 Ways to Achieve an Instant Outdoor Area Makeover

The COVID-19 pandemic put new limitations on the time spent outdoors and the physical activity of Australians. Even so, a shut door usually means a window has opened. This is your window of opportunity to modify, optimise and invest in your own personal green space. 

After a long day at work, it’s understandable to want to kick back and relax in the comfort of your own home. Luckily, there are ways to achieve the same comfortable interior atmosphere in your outdoor area. Not only will you have your own safe haven to escape to but you will also create numerous opportunities to improve your overall mood and health. 

However, there are challenges in creating and maintaining a comfortable and attractive outdoor area. You might not be prepared for proper tree selection or placement, preparing soil and compost, getting rid of all the weeds or filling up the empty areas on your lawn. To help you out, here are the easiest and  most effective ways to dress your outdoor area to impress.

Hire a Tree Shaping Service 

oak tree shapping
source: treetrimmingstuart.com

The trees in your yard are the pillars of your magnificent fortress. When building foundations, you would ask an architect instead of deciding on your own wouldn’t you? 

Tree pruning services take on many roles. They can be your personal architects, advising you what tree you should place and where or tree surgeons, diagnosing and removing dead and harmful branches. 

Hiring a tree shaping service also gives you an artist for your backyard, performing crown lifting, thinning and shaping. You can finally expose your grass and plants to a proper amount of sunlight or have lunch under the shade. Moreover, by reducing a crown’s density, you can reduce the risk of storm or wind damage.  

Besides for aesthetic purposes, proper tree pruning and shaping can affect the safety of your surroundings. You should consider tree pruning if large tree limbs grow in the direction of wires, windows, roofs, towards your or your neighbour’s house. Both mature and young trees make use of tree trimming. Mature tree pruning removes diseased, dying or dead branches which helps maintain a tree’s shape, health and safety. Young tree pruning provides a strong framework for the future growth of a single dominant stem.  

Tree services are also engineers, providing tree removal, stump grinding and even turning the left-overs into soil fertilizers. Tree stumps can be a risk hazard or just a plain nuisance when it comes to maintaining your outdoor area.  

What do tree service companies look for when they inspect your trees? Their trained eyes can catch the first signs of tree disease. Sometimes they even use diagnostic tools like 3D imaging.  

Not only will a tree pruning service provide your trees with a health assessment, they will also give you tips and tricks on how to optimise your tree care routine and give them the strength to fight off insects and disease.  The end result? An improved, embellished, livelier and healthier outdoor area made to last, as Nature intended.  

Consider a Landscaping Designer 

source: sunset.com

The landscaping designers share the architectural throne with tree shaping services, along with being your outdoor interior designer. Hiring a professional probably seems over the top at first but after learning what are the importance and benefits of landscaping you might have a change of heart. Even for the DIY enthusiast, a collaboration could prep you for being able to always redo and improve your outdoor area.   

First and foremost, they are full of ideas. If you have a particular style or design you’re really keen on but can’t quite make it work, a professional can put the pieces together for you. They can also offer site and budget analysis, making sure you choose the proper design for your land and pocket. Unfortunately, some landscape design dreams are meant to be nipped in the bud.  

The more invest in the design of your outdoor area and optimise it, the more inviting it will be. Spending time in a lush garden, whether nurturing or enjoying it, can lower blood pressure and cortisol I.e. the stress hormone. You can improve your short-term memory, concentration, problem-solving skills and even depression and anxiety. A healthy landscape also improves air quality. 

As if the health benefits weren’t enough, a lot of people want to know does landscaping add value to a house. A properly done landscape can certainly increase your “curb appeal” and property value while reducing energy costs.  Tree experts and landscapers can advise you which plants thrive on less water or are appropriate for your soil, saving you future costs.  

For those limited by space,planters are a great solution for even the smallest garden. 

Change Your Outdoor Furniture 

outdoor furniture
source: meredithcorp.io

Nowadays, the comfort of your sofa and armchair can be easily surpassed by outdoor furniture. It’s time to put the old pieces away and make space for new ones that complement the relaxing vibe of the outdoors.  

A lounge and an outdoor ottoman copy and paste your living room atmosphere in your backyard. Bean bags and hammocks are a perfect match for laid-back bohemians.  Many outdoor furniture pieces are UV, mould and rust-proof. Nevertheless, covering your outdoor furniture is always a good idea as it will increase their lifespan while leaving you carefree. 

When buying outdoor furniture, the looks matter but it’s the inside that counts. You need to ask yourself what materials are water-resistant and what type of outdoor furniture is most durable. Consider the climate, temperature and humidity where you live and choose materials that won’t crack or fade. The best materials for outdoor furniture are wood, metal, stainless steel, resin and plastic. 

For a warmer and cosier feel, choose wood. However, wood needs a protective finish and regular maintenance. Aluminium is light, durable and the least expensive choice. For a modern and minimalist makeover of your outdoor area, choose stainless steel.  

Get Some Outdoor Art 

outdoor art
source: sarahcdesign.co.nz

Just as makeup can transform a face, decorating the walls of your garden can bring the dazzle that was missing before. The repertoire of outdoor artwork keeps increasing as humans have decided to renew their bond with the outside. Metal wall art and outdoor sculptures have been on the rise, adding a dash of modernity through contrast.  

If your outdoor heaven doesn’t seem secluded enough, decorative metal screens made from stainless steel or aluminium can offer both privacy and a pleasant view.  

A fire pit will bring warmth to your outdoor area and awaken your ancestral instincts to gather around a fire, making it a perfect place to share joyous moments with your closes ones. Also, it can be used for barbecuing.

If you’re planning on going all-in with a wall mural, firstly you need to figure out what paint is best for outdoor art, just as you would pick and choose your make-up. What will withstand both rain and sunshine? Acrylics are some of the most durable, accessible and affordable paints for exterior application. They are used by many artists for painting murals due to their resistance to fading and weather conditions and excellent bond to masonry or cement surfaces.

Stephanie Tierney