5 Ways to Bring Nature Into Your Modern Home
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5 Ways to Bring Nature Into Your Modern Home

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5 Ways to Bring Nature Into Your Modern Home

In these busy and hectic times, we often spend hours in the office, or in front of our laptops at home, and not enough time outdoors. This often makes us feel more tired, irritable, and fatigued every day. We keep piling on arbitrary tasks that make us busier and forgetting our most important task as humans – to connect with nature.

However, even if you can’t fit in some quality outdoor time on your schedule, you can still bring the look and feel of the outdoors into your home. These next five ideas will help you transform your indoors into a relaxing oasis.

Incorporate Modern Wood Furniture

Another way to bring natural elements into your home is by incorporating wooden and earthy hues. Looking for something that’s stylish, modern, and nature-inspired? Browse through the wide selection of designer luxury wood furniture made from sturdy oak, elm, birch, rattan, etc. These timeless pieces improve the look of your home and help you relax with their soothing natural colours.

luxury wood furniture
Source: oakfurniturecollection.com.au

Why Is Wooden Furniture so Popular?

Solid wood is the ideal option if you’re searching for a classic piece of furniture that’s both long-lasting and low-maintenance. They’re gorgeous to look at, high-performing, easy to work with, and recyclable. Here are a few other advantages of modern wood furniture design solutions that will make you fall in love with them:

-Soothing aesthetic: Wooden furniture has a special allure due to its unique timber grains. Unlike other furniture pieces that are mass-produced and appear the same, every wooden coffee table or chair ever manufactured is one-of-a-kind. The natural texture and craftsmanship of the solid wood, together with how it matures, all add to its timeless appearance and personality;

-Brings nature inside: If you live in a busy urban area, adding wooden elements can help you create that peaceful, natural atmosphere in your home;

-It’s a green choice: Wood is the most eco-friendly, renewable, and biodegradable raw material;

-Strong and durable: Contemporary wood furniture is incredibly durable and needs little to no upkeep. It can withstand years of abuse even from unruly households. Imagine irresponsible teens, active toddlers, frantic parents, etc. People still resell wooden items even decades after they were created;

-Versatile: Luxury wood furniture is incredibly adaptable regardless of your home’s design. Whether you have a retro, mid-century, or modern interior, these elements will blend in well;

-Timeless: Fine-quality wooden furniture always improves the interior design of a space. It will continue to be the centre of attention even as your tastes in home design evolve over time.

Decorate with Indoor Plants

The easiest way to bring nature inside is by getting a variety of indoor-growing plants that are simple to care for. Indoor plants are beautiful to look at, they help you de-stress, and they help eradicate airborne pollutants from your home.

interior decor with indoor plants
Source: blog.mytastefulspace.com

Think about their placement in your home and the amount of sunshine they will receive. If you have trouble watering them regularly, try out some modern self-watering planters. All you need to do is fill the reservoir and your plants will water themselves.

Mini Kitchen Garden

Bring the garden inside to include nature into your daily life. Edible plants easily grow indoors throughout the entire year! Herbs in plain clay pots under a window are usually a nice place to start. The simple choice of basil will offer you an abundance of delicious leaves for pasta, pesto, salads, and other dishes.

Put pots of your preferred herbs on your windowsill or countertop to create a miniature garden. Some great herb options are thyme, mint, and rosemary. Additionally, you can regrow certain plants from kitchen leftovers, such as romaine hearts, green onions, and celery stalks. A mini-indoor garden lets you cultivate natural ingredients for your own household while bringing greenery inside.

Diffuse Some Essential Oils

Another great way to add a natural element to your household is by filling up your space with the scents of nature. Diffusing essential oils in your home helps you relax while enjoying your favourite scents.

diffusing essential oils
Source: hemessentials.com

Include scents like pine, citrus, oregano, lavender, lilac, or sandalwood. These aromas will awaken your senses and infuse the atmosphere with something natural and fresh. They’ll make you feel like you’re sitting in a small cabin in the woods, rather than a modern apartment in the busy city.

Display Nature-Inspired Art

My last suggestion for including nature in your interior space is to hang nature-inspired art on the walls of your home. Find paintings, art prints, or art posters online that depict landscapes, wildlife, plants, herbs, and other green spaces. These décor pieces will act as windows to the great outdoors. They will help you relax and enjoy your afternoon after a busy day in the modern concrete jungle.

If you have kids, organise a fun arts and crafts activity such as pressing flowers. This will be an enjoyable time for the whole family, and you can even display the results on your walls. Change them out according to the occasion or with seasonal decorations.

There are many more fun ways to bring nature to your home. You don’t have to be an outdoorsy type to enjoy the beauty of nature in your daily life. Incorporating outdoor elements in your home can improve the quality of your lifestyle, especially when you don’t have access to nature.

Stephanie Tierney