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7 Best Gifts for the Beer Lover in Your Life

7 Best Gifts for the Beer Lover in Your Life

If you or someone you know is a beer snob, they are the sort to go across the state to check out a new craft brewery, stock up on a variety of IPAs and lagers, and maybe even try their hand at brewing. It seems only fitting to get them a beer-related present on special occasions like Christmas or their birthday. It’s nice to show up with a six-pack from the liquor store, but the following beer presents are a unique and appreciated gesture that will please beer connoisseurs and novices alike when happy hour begins.

1. Traditional Beer Stein Mug

source: atlasobscura.com

Here’s a piece of history that your beer-loving friend may or may not know: German law during the period of the Bubonic Plague required that all open containers of alcohol be covered to prevent the spread of disease, which is how beer steins came to be.

So, other than useful, sturdy beer steins are a fashionable gift that evokes the fearless and exploratory nature of ancient Norse mariners. This cup is usually made with a special combination of modern design and classic Viking aesthetics to convey a sense of power, durability, and heritage. Traditional Viking mugs have a thick, rough appearance that calls to mind the worn wood and metal of Viking longships. This aesthetic detail serves a practical purpose by providing a firm grip while still being easy on the hands.

2. Portable Beer Cooler

Almost everyone who uses beer refrigerators adores them because they are super practical and are made to keep beverages, ice, and even some food fresh for use wherever you are in the world. Therefore, a beer refrigerator would be an excellent gift for a travelling beer enthusiast who wants to keep their beverages cold.

Most quality coolers feature a robust soft-sided cooler with a wide-mouth opening and ultra-strong magnets to keep it closed, as well as a top handle, a shoulder strap, a leak-proof liner, and an exterior that is resistant to mildew, punctures, and UV rays.

3. Insulated Stainless Steel Beer Koozie

Even on a scorching summer day, koozies made of stainless steel keep your beverage ice cool. For the beer consumer in your life, there are standard-sized beer koozies that will also keep their preferred local beers chilled and as delicious as they wanted them to be.

And because glass is prohibited on many beaches and in some state parks, any beer enthusiast will likely transport cans throughout the summer. For midsummer adventuring, the bottle koozie can be converted into a can insulator. Even on the hottest of days, your beverage will remain cool with these compact, durable containers.

4. Craft Beer Tasting Kit

source: spiegelau.com

Another great gift is a four-piece sample set, which includes an IPA glass, a stout glass, and an American wheat beer glass if you’re unsure of the type of beer they prefer but still want to provide them with novelty pint glasses.

Members of the tasting workshop experimented with different glass shapes to determine the ideal vessel for India Pale Ale, Wheat Beer, Stout, and Barrel-Aged Beer. According to the experts, the custom-shaped glasses effectively convey the richness of aromas on the olfactory while displaying the finest beer texture, balance, and flavour intensity on the palate.

5. Beer Brewing Kit

A beer brewing kit is a great present for someone who is independent and enjoys preparing meals and drinks on their own. To make beer, a carbohydrate source (often cereal grains, with barley being the most popular) is steeped in water before being fermented with yeast to produce a sweet beverage.

Brewing can take place at a professional brewery, a private home, or in a group setting. The materials and tools to ferment your first batch of beer are included in a homebrew kit. Each beer kit is designed to make a specific kind of beer and comes with any unique grains or hops that the recipe requires. So, inspire them and give them something they will likely never get themselves. You can thank yourself later for doing so when enjoying the tasting party afterwards!

6. Gourmet Gift Basket

If you want to give them a present but aren’t sure what kind of beer equipment they already have, this galvanised bucket stocked with a dozen brewskis and munchies like beef jerky and almonds representing different beer flavours is a terrific option. For the person who enjoys entertaining and passing around decadent treats during movie nights or outdoor activities, this is the perfect present!

7. Universe the Bucket List: Beer, 1000 Adventures

source: ebay.com

A beer-centric bucket list, at last! This is a must-have for every beer lover since it features celebrations of beer from throughout the world. This book is a treasure mine of ideas for beer enthusiasts, whether they are planning a pub crawl, a weekend in the countryside, or a longer trip.

As might be expected, this lively guide to beer-related travel includes a comprehensive list of hundreds of breweries large and small, both long-standing and newly minted, that are open for tours and tastings, as well as an in-depth look at their distinct brewing methods, flavour and ingredient philosophies, and the unique qualities that make their beers stand out.

This book also delves deeply into the world of beer and includes a plethora of ideas for exploring the world’s best beer destinations. From gleaming modern taprooms in the Pacific North-west, quaint English pubs and iconic breweries like San Francisco’s Anchor Steam, to the Czech Republic’s original Pilsner and rowdy festivals like Munich’s Oktoberfest and Denver’s Great American Beer – there’s lots of inspiration.

Ian Tompson