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A Little Bit of Info on the Essential Skateboarding Attire

A Little Bit of Info on the Essential Skateboarding Attire

Skateboarding is a sport that requires much more than just a board and a passion for tricks. Many people prioritise their boards, trucks and wheels, and overlook other essential things that are needed to safely have fun while skating. Even though it looks easy and not dangerous, there are some things you need to consider before you decide to take on this sport. So, let’s see what these things are.

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What Do You Wear When Skateboarding?

When it comes to skateboarding, the choice of attire isn’t just about style. It can significantly impact your performance, therefore it’s important to choose the right equipment, from footwear, pants and hoodies, to accessories such as helmets, as it can all make a difference in your skateboarding experience. 


There are a few things you need to consider when choosing the right pants for skateboarding. The first thing is comfort. You need them to be comfortable and allow you to have the full range of motion when skating. The second thing is the length. Pants shouldn’t get in the way of your deck or wheels, otherwise an accident might occur.  Lastly, it’s the materials that also matter. Since you’re going to be doing tricks, it’s important to wear pants that can withstand the movement and won’t tear up easily. 

Consider getting for example cargo pants from the Nike SB dunk line as they are loose enough and have a variety of pockets, giving you room to keep your stuff while you’re on the go. Another option for every skateboarder is jeans. They are comfortable and durable and they look great. Plus, they come in a variety of styles so that you can find the perfect pair to suit your taste. For the warmer months, shorts are a great choice and there are many options so that you can find the right pair for you. 


Skateboard hoodies have become increasingly popular among skateboarders, because not only do they provide a comfortable and stylish option for skaters, but they can also be worn as a fashion statement. They are usually made from durable and comfortable materials such as cotton or polyester, which makes skating much easier. Make sure that the hoodie doesn’t restrict your movement or cause you any discomfort, so look for a hoodie that’s a little bit oversized. But, hoodies also serve another role: protecting you from getting scratched in case of a fall, that’s why it’s important to choose the right hoodie.


Footwear is probably the most important part of the skateboarding attire. Shoes play a vital role in providing the necessary grip and protection needed for riding a skateboard. The construction of skate shoes is crucial and there are two styles that skateboarders seem to choose from, cupsole and vulcanized, each of them having different advantages. 

Cupsole shoes are designed with durability and shock absorption in mind which helps the shoes to withstand the stresses of skateboarding, making it a solid option for skateboarders who are tough on their gear. Vulcanized shoes, on the other hand, such as the Nike SB Dunk collection, offer a good board feel, making them a preferred choice for those who prefer precision and control over impact protection. Now, there are many designs of skating shoes to choose from, and here are some of them:

  • High-tops – these shoes feature a higher collar that extends past the ankle to provide extra support and protection during tricks and landings. This ankle support can help prevent injuries and provide a secure fit.
  • Low-tops – these are designed with a lower collar that typically sits below the ankle. This allows for greater mobility and flexibility, making them an excellent choice for skaters who prioritise a natural range of motion. 
  • Mid-tops – these skate shoes feature a collar that sits above the ankle but below the calf muscle, providing the support of high-tops and the mobility of low-top shoes. 
  • Slip-on – they are a popular option among skaters who value comfort as well as convenience. They are designed without laces, making them easy to put on and easy to take off. 

In the end, the choice between all of these types comes down to individual preference and skating style. If you’re someone who prefers protection over comfort, the high tops are the right ones for you. However, if you prefer to be comfortable and do the tricks easier, pick the low tops. 

When it comes to materials, choosing the right one is essential for both performance and longevity. Different materials offer different benefits. Canvas, for example, is a lightweight and breathable material that tends to wear down quickly. Leather, on the other hand, is durable and can withstand extensive wear and tear from tricks. So, understanding the characteristics of each material can allow you to choose the right shoes, especially since brands and collections like the Nike SB range have both. 


Some of the accessories might not be necessary for all skaters, and some opt out of them, but they are important, especially if you’re a novice skater. So, having some won’t do any harm, on the contrary, they will protect you in case of a potential fall or an accident.

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Undoubtedly, one of the most crucial accessories for any skateboarder, especially a beginner, is the helmet. They provide support and protection to the most important body part and even though skateboarding is a fun sport, many times it can get dangerous, so consider getting a helmet because it can save your life.


Elbow and knee pads are essential for protecting your joints during falls or tricks, so investing in quality pads with comfortable padding is only going to make your journey as a skateboarder much easier, safer, and fun since you don’t have to worry about falls while you’re learning new tricks and enjoying the ride. 

In the world of skateboarding, having the right equipment is crucial. Your choice of clothing and accessories will not only improve your performance but it will also ensure your safety while on the board. So, pick the equipment wisely and be carefree while learning every skateboarding trick in the book.

Ian Tompson