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A Little Info on Golf Club Iron Sets

Golf Iron Sets

A Little Info on Golf Club Iron Sets

Golf, a sport often called the gentleman’s game, requires a unique set of skills, technique and precision. Same as with any sport, there are some indispensable essentials you need to make the most of it and get the results you’re after. Such is the case with iron sets – versatile tools you must have in your golfer bag because of the way they assist with adapting to a range of situations to shape the perfect shots with utmost accuracy and finesse.

Although they started out as rudimentary, merely made of wood, it was the 19th century that served as the turning point for the development of the iron clubs as we know them today with distinct shapes and designs, perfect for a range of shots. Their role in enabling the golfer precise control over the distance and shape of the shot (fades, draws, or straight shots) perfect for when playing around obstacles, plus control over shooting accurate pitch and delicate shots makes these clubs more than crucial for improved performance and consistent results.

They can be just as helpful with expanding your golfing options as they provide you with the versatility to play at different courses. If you’re a beginner golfer who’s looking to improve their accuracy and control, there’s no doubt you’d highly benefit from premium golf iron sets as they’re created for golfing excellence. With so many options on the market, knowing what you can get, and what it’s created for, can be of help with making the shopping less of a hassle.

The Components of Iron Sets for Golf

Iron Sets for Golf
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As it’s a set we’re talking about, typically there’s more than a club, and each is created for specific purposes for the game. Basically, the clubs are categorised into: long, mid, and short irons. The long irons (1-3) are ideal for distance shots (think tee shots on par-3 holes), which explains why they come with features like lower lofts.

The mid-iron range (4-6) with moderate lofts is meant for balancing out distance and accuracy, and is mainly fit for approach shots. The short irons (7-9) with higher lofts are the ones you use when you want precision and control with shots around the green or shorter approach shots. For special purposes, like chip shots and bunker play, your set could also include sand, pitching and gap wedges.

The Different Types of Irons

When you look for the ideal golf iron sets for your game, you’re going to come across the following categories of irons:

The Super Game Improvement

Iron Set
source: drivingrangeheroes.com

As a beginner (or a senior), you want to make the most out of every shot, which is where the super game improvement type can be of assistance to you. Made for consistent contact, distance, launch, low to moderate swing speed, and forgiveness, from the 5-iron to the sand and lob wedge, they come with wider soles (fit for more weight low on the ball), hollow body construction, and lightweight iron design. A perfect example of this is a golf iron set from Cleveland Launcher XL.

The Game Improvement

If you’re looking for the type of golf iron that’s fit for a wide range of golfers, from the low to the high handicappers, this is it. As such, they’re a toned-down version of the super game improvement counterpart and may serve you throughout your whole golfing experience over the span of years.

In a set, either a complete one or a combo with hybrids, you can get irons with wide sole (not as wide as the super game improvement), face cup technology, ultra thin face for more speed, and a more subtle offset. The Mizuno Hot Metal, and the newer TaylorMade Sim are the perfect examples.

The Players Distance

Mizuno Pro 225
source: golfalot.com

For high performance at greater distance, you need a set of these. Fit for low- and mid-handicappers as much as experienced players, these somewhat compact yet long-hitting and forgiving golf clubs irons sets offer a good feel and provide the golfer with the ability to shape the flight of the ball as desired. You get a great example in the Mizuno Pro 225.

The Muscle Back

Typical for the added material at the sole on the back of the clubs, these are irons for the perfect amount of feel and workability. The added bonus is they also provide the forgiveness and offset you can find at the other types. They’re mainly meant for the accomplished players, with the Callaway Apex MB being the perfect example.

The Players

TaylorMade P7MC
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This is yet another type for the more accomplished players who are after a slightly forgiving club yet without the full-fledged blade. In the design, it resembles the muscle and the cavity, but without the blade lean. With a lesser dose of forgiveness, it allows you to have great control over the shape of your shots. The exemplary design is that of TaylorMade P7MC.

The Blades

For advanced players who are looking for workability, this is undoubtedly one of the best options, even though it has the least forgiveness and the lowest launching. As such, these clubs offer great control over the flight and the trajectory of the ball. The Cobra King MB is a great example.

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