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Author: Ian Tompson

Beer brewing is a challenging and delicate process. People that excel at beer brewing invest a lot of time and energy into it. You need to get the right ingredients, use quality equipment and use a special recipe if you want to create craft beer that’ll be your pride and something you would gladly share with other people. Beer brewing may not be the easiest thing you’ve done but it’s a great activity to dedicate to.

Headlamps are among the most valuable camping gear you'll need on your trip. Knowing what characteristics are crucial to you depending on the activities you intend to do is the key to choosing the ideal headlamp. Headlamps allow you to clearly and securely complete your activity in the dark while keeping your hands free for the real work. To guarantee that your light performs well, choose a power source that best matches your needs, whether it's a disposable or rechargeable headlamp.

In the eyes of a true believer, RC toys will never die out as they bring the pure we all had as kids playing around with one in the backyard. RC cars may be seen as something only kids can have fun but they are in fact not. If you want to spend more time with your kids or assembling an RC car on your own for hours then you should consider an RC kit. The RC cars you've once had were definitely RTRs or ready-to-run cars hence why you didn't spend time assembling them.

Even though we live in the modern era of the GPS and other electronic navigation devices, the compass is still an essential part of any survival and camping gear. The ability to navigate with a map and compass is a crucial skill that can save your life by telling you where you are, what’s around you and the best way to get to your destination. Having the right outdoor compass is very important when you are out in nature, on-trail or off.

Motorcycles are incredibly thrilling and exciting to use. They’ve steadily remained popular over the last century, and it’s so easy to see why. However, one thing really needs to be said, which is that motorcycles can be kind of difficult to steer and handle sometimes. Far from impossible, of course, but every motorcycle rider should look for ways to improve the riding experience. There are quite a few things you should look into improving on any motorcycle, such as improving its exhaust system, but improving your overall riding experience should be the priority.

Taking care of the trees in your backyard is a wonderful hobby, but trees require far more than just simple watering and pruning of their lower branches. Sometimes large trees can get sick and pose a hazard to the surrounding environment, even your home. This is when hiring the help of a professional tree removal company is a smart idea. Doing it yourself may even escalate the problem, so don't even think about it. Here's what you need to know about potentially dangerous trees.

A lot of things today rely on electricity. From our household appliances and even everyday gadgets such as smartphones and laptops. With the world being more reliant on electric power and technology, it is the future of almost every aspect of our lives, including transportation. Electrical vehicles are becoming more and more present in our lives, with bicycles being just a tad bit ahead. Just like electric scooters though, electric bicycles are the future of inner-city commuting. Electric bicycles are meant to make it easy to commute even in dense traffic.

Distilling is a hobby many have picked up over the years. It's quite a rewarding activity, requiring a lot of attention, care for details, and a bunch of rule-following to create a tasty drink that's uniquely your own.

Boating trips are a lot of fun if you’re properly prepared. No matter how much we want to deny that we don’t need certain things, it’s a fact that some boat accessories are worth investing in. All kinds of mishaps can happen when on a boat and, usually, you’re left on your own to deal with them.