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Motorcycles are incredibly thrilling and exciting to use. They’ve steadily remained popular over the last century, and it’s so easy to see why. However, one thing really needs to be said, which is that motorcycles can be kind of difficult to steer and handle sometimes. Far from impossible, of course, but every motorcycle rider should look for ways to improve the riding experience. There are quite a few things you should look into improving on any motorcycle, such as improving its exhaust system, but improving your overall riding experience should be the priority.

There’s a clear rift in the world of motorcycles, splitting riders between the two types of engines most of them ride (apart from electric ones). You have the air-cooled purists, riding your typical Harley cruiser, and the liquid-cooled gang that worship high redlines and straight-line...

A lot of things today rely on electricity. From our household appliances and even everyday gadgets such as smartphones and laptops. With the world being more reliant on electric power and technology, it is the future of almost every aspect of our lives, including transportation. Electrical vehicles are becoming more and more present in our lives, with bicycles being just a tad bit ahead. Just like electric scooters though, electric bicycles are the future of inner-city commuting. Electric bicycles are meant to make it easy to commute even in dense traffic.

How much of our beautiful continent have you actually explored? Australia is known as one of the places in the world that offer breathtaking views, amazing nature, and unbelievable outdoor experiences all throughout. So, if you're thinking about an adventure, it might be time to...

For most drivers, a vehicle is something that has four tyres and moves when you press on the gas pedal. While this is true, the sole component that works towards making this possible is far more complicated. With crankshafts, camshafts, timing belts, rods, pistons, and a plethora of other important yet overlooked components, the engine is the heart of every gas and diesel-powered vehicle. The ICE or internal combustion engine relies on the combustion of fuel and air mixture which is ignited by a spark.

To tell you the truth, nothing feels quite like being behind the wheel. The road, the mountains, the sights, the smells…the feel of a cross country trip dwarves most things in our daily lives. Some prefer to travel via bike, others by car, but in order to experience everything that our portion of the southern hemisphere has to offer, nothing can beat a 4x4. Just picture it, you, a flat roof basket full of camping equipment, with a map to nowhere and all the time in the world.
The braking systems of today mainly use what is known as a brake pad. Although there's a different type of brakes that make use of a shoe, the former has prevailed because of how well they perform. Disc brake's main components, the pads, are what presses on the wheel when you engage the brake pedal. The pedal sends brake fluid to the brake calliper which then pushes the pistons which apply the force from the pedal to the pads themselves. While there are a lot of different components in a disc brake, the pads are the most vulnerable as they come in direct contact with the spinning wheel. Just like you would replace your exhaust for performance gains you would do the same with brake pads for a different reason. Here the reason is because the pads are no longer useful.
Extra storage space is always at a premium in a ute. The focus usually falls on practical accessories which make the driving experience more enjoyable. And if that is all sorted out, there are several issues involving a safe ride of your ute off-road. It can be inconsequential like an issue with the cabin windows or a serious problem with your brakes or with your transmission. Regardless of what the issue is, truth is that the storage puzzle in a ute is put aside and this doesn’t always work in favour of all your cargo.
Having the most important spare parts in your vehicle at all times is as important as having fuel in it because you never know when something might go wrong. Having a spare tire or a puncture repair kit is of the essence, however, there are some other spare parts that are good to have with you when taking your Holden for an adventure in Australia's outback. These parts are not as commonly replaced as tires are, for example, but they are certainly important regarding safety and convenience.