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If you want sleek car-like looks combined with hardcore off-roading and hauling ability, then the Mazda BT-50 should be topping your buying list. The ute is based on the solid underpinnings of its Isuzu D-Max sibling but with styling stripped straight from Mazda's ever-popular CX-5. It's rugged, reliable and ready for anything thrown at it. All trims come with heaps of standard gear, but for basic protection, skip dealerships and go with solid aftermarket deals when looking for bull and brush bars. These do a great job at protecting the ute in all driving conditions, and combined with a decent pair of side steps left and right, up functionality too.

In the world of automotive accessories, seat covers serve the dual purpose of protection and style enhancement. Among the many options available, neoprene car seat covers stand out for their exceptional qualities. Combining durability, comfort, and water resistance, these covers have become a popular choice for vehicle owners seeking both practicality and aesthetic appeal. 

Most utes leaving showrooms come with a factory-fitted tub. This may be adequate for some uses, but for all self-respecting tradies and more demanding off-road use, the tub is the first ute part to get a conversion. Trays are the standard gear if you're thinking of transporting anything with more heft and bulk, and when you need the versatility, security and practicality toolboxes and canopies provide.

These are the 3 most common utility ute accessories, and you'll rarely find a ute used the right way without one. They almost double the available space at the back, fit just about any type of gear, and transform your vehicle into a workshop on wheels with a toolbox that safely stores all your gear. If you have the itch to venture off-road, canopies can also be equipped with all the goodies you need for longer trips, including the kitchen sink.

Anyone who's tuned an engine for more power knows what more heat can do to surrounding parts. And the more modifications you make to the stock engine with each tuning stage, the higher those temperatures will be. First to bear the brunt are essential engine components like the ECU and wiring, the fuel and brake lines, and airboxes and filters. When these get hot you'll immediately notice lower engine performance.

Parts that are damaged or fail because of radiant heat pose a huge safety issue. That's why proper vehicle heat management with the right heat-shielding products not only ensures optimal engine performance but also prevents potential hazards. The same products, encompassing heat shield sheet, tape and wrap are also used by car builders in restorations, as well as anyone looking to lower cabin temperatures.

Honda CRF 50  source: Let's start off with our choice of the best overall motorcycle in this category: The Honda CRF 50F. The Honda CRF 50 is one of the most popular entry-level dirt bikes today. With low gears and a small frame, this bike is perfect...

Most pet owners dream of going on a calming and leisurely drive with their beloved pup by their side. There's nothing quite like taking on the road with your four-legged companion, offering some much-needed reprieve from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Replacing your car's clutch assembly is one of those tasks that's just difficult enough to be a headache but simple enough to do yourself. It typically takes about three hours, and you'll need to make a few tools purchases or borrow them from your local mechanic.

When it comes to building a high-performance exhaust system, it doesn’t take long to realize that the type, design, and even location of your muffler can make or break everything.

The fact that it's called a muffler doesn't leave any question about what it's designed to do: to muffle and restrict engine noise. The inherent dilemma for performance enthusiasts and engine builders, however, is that the sound waves a muffler needs to restrict are a side effect of the power they want the engine to create.

In order to track the performance of your vehicle, manufacturers have installed numerous sensors that detect when the vehicle is starting, braking, accelerating and if it's in reverse or neutral. Some of these sensors require regular replacement so that performance remains optimal and safety remains intact.

For most drivers, a vehicle is something that has four tyres and moves when you press on the gas pedal. While this is true, the sole component that works towards making this possible is far more complicated. With crankshafts, camshafts, timing belts, rods, pistons, and a plethora of other important yet overlooked components, the engine is the heart of every gas and diesel-powered vehicle. The ICE or internal combustion engine relies on the combustion of fuel and air mixture which is ignited by a spark.