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Only two car manufacturers have boxer engines and permanent 4WD - Porsche and Subaru. And only Subaru has these as standard across all models. The combination oozes ample amounts of grip on all surfaces and lowers the centre of gravity of the vehicle, so stability in cornering is exemplary, setting the benchmark for both performance-oriented vehicles and those venturing off-road. Subaru goes one step further by bolting on a turbocharger in the WRX, WRX Sti and beefed up variants of its Forester SUV. This is tech derived directly from World Rally Championships, where the company had continual success in the 1990s.

Utes and large SUVs still make up the majority of new car sales in Australia, and that trend is here to stay. Buyers need space, versatility, and the ability to come back from the bush in one piece. Here no other cars come close. What is lacking is a bit outright speed. Diesels feature in almost all the top sellers.

You know you’re in trouble when the battery light comes up in the dash. It’s a sure sign that the battery’s completely drained and, in such cases, you can’t get the engine going. Batteries die out for different reasons. In cars that are parked or garaged for longer periods, the battery drains slowly until completely flat. Also, if you’re often doing shorter trips, there isn’t enough power regenerated back into the battery, and you’re shortening its lifespan.  

The Ford Ranger topped the sales charts for November 2021, making it not only the best-selling ute of the year, but also the best-selling vehicle overall. More Rangers ended up in the garages of customers than any other vehicle. This is owed to the place Ford has managed to retain after local production completely ceased just a few years back.

Of the various welding types, TIG welding has proven to be particularly widespread in getting the best possible welds in a range of metals. Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) or more commonly referred to as Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding involves using a tungsten electrode to produce an electric arc to heat the workpiece and fusing the metals in a smooth weld. An inert gas, typically argon or helium, protects the welded surface from contamination. A filler may be used in the whole process, but is not necessary. The use of external filler rods as opposed to the continuous wire electrodes in MIG welding can take some time in getting used to, but offer a high level of control which only increases by being able to control the amperage from the welding machine. The result is a unique look to the weld. Being able to weld different types of metals is only one of the advantages of TIG welding.

Motorcycles are incredibly thrilling and exciting to use. They’ve steadily remained popular over the last century, and it’s so easy to see why. However, one thing really needs to be said, which is that motorcycles can be kind of difficult to steer and handle sometimes. Far from impossible, of course, but every motorcycle rider should look for ways to improve the riding experience. There are quite a few things you should look into improving on any motorcycle, such as improving its exhaust system, but improving your overall riding experience should be the priority.

There’s a clear rift in the world of motorcycles, splitting riders between the two types of engines most of them ride (apart from electric ones). You have the air-cooled purists, riding your typical Harley cruiser, and the liquid-cooled gang that worship high redlines and straight-line...

A lot of things today rely on electricity. From our household appliances and even everyday gadgets such as smartphones and laptops. With the world being more reliant on electric power and technology, it is the future of almost every aspect of our lives, including transportation. Electrical vehicles are becoming more and more present in our lives, with bicycles being just a tad bit ahead. Just like electric scooters though, electric bicycles are the future of inner-city commuting. Electric bicycles are meant to make it easy to commute even in dense traffic.

How much of our beautiful continent have you actually explored? Australia is known as one of the places in the world that offer breathtaking views, amazing nature, and unbelievable outdoor experiences all throughout. So, if you're thinking about an adventure, it might be time to...

For most drivers, a vehicle is something that has four tyres and moves when you press on the gas pedal. While this is true, the sole component that works towards making this possible is far more complicated. With crankshafts, camshafts, timing belts, rods, pistons, and a plethora of other important yet overlooked components, the engine is the heart of every gas and diesel-powered vehicle. The ICE or internal combustion engine relies on the combustion of fuel and air mixture which is ignited by a spark.