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A Little Bit of Bath Shower Screens: An Element for Easy Bathroom Transformation

A Little Bit of Bath Shower Screens: An Element for Easy Bathroom Transformation

What better way to call it a day than by spending some time relaxing in the bathroom with a scented bath or a warm shower? This being said, the bathroom has a considerable role in the home because we use it every morning, every night as well as in between, and when you add relaxation at that it’s easy to see it’s past its importance utility-wise. Now it’s also the room where we can get alone time, pamper ourselves, unwind and relax after a stressful day at work or dealing with daily problems.

Having this in mind, the last thing we need is dealing with bathroom mess, especially not when you want to forget about stress for a while. So when you have a bathtub and want to enjoy a quick shower, one of the best ways to avoid splashing everything around you is by getting one of the versatile bath shower screens. It’s the perfect element to transform the look of your bathroom!

Curtains are an alternative that might seem more attractive in terms of price and installation, however when you think about durability and the time you’d have to spend on maintenance and cleaning, you’d see screens are a better option. With screens you won’t waste half the time you would cleaning curtains, all they need is a bit of wash with soap and water to freshen them up so you’d have less time dealing with chores and more time for yourself.

Besides, they’re affordable and an investment that’s bound to last you for years thanks to the latest technology and techniques implemented in the use of toughened glass, and you have plenty to choose from in terms of variety and the style you want in your bathroom. Compared to the costs you’d get from having to replace curtains every now and then, it pays off. If you want a screen that allows for easy access into the shower or bath, look for a swinging design or one that’s a combination of a fixed panel and a swinging door. Can you really compare a curtain that would easily go out of style with a fashionable screen?

Sure, the curtain may be colourful but the screen can be further accessorised with the help of seals, shower rails, hinges, handles and door knobs, knowing they’re available in many designs, styles and finishes. Due to the fact it’s a see-through design, you’d also be able to make the most of the ambiance, be it by using as much natural light or adding a bit of warmth and drama with candles if your bathroom is windowless.

How does that sound for quality me-time?

Stephanie Tierney