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Bathroom Decor Ideas: Subtle Tweaks That Help You Create a Modern Bathroom

Bathroom Decor Ideas

Bathroom Decor Ideas: Subtle Tweaks That Help You Create a Modern Bathroom

Bathroom décor is a sensitive topic when it comes to home design. For the most part, the pieces you choose depend on the colour and design scheme you’ve already established and the size of your bathroom. Common bathroom décor includes certain lighting fixtures, storage solutions and wall art prints.

However, ordinary elements such as the bathroom sink or vanity mirror can also serve as décor in certain situations. When accessorizing your bathroom, it’s best to go for subtle changes with features that act as décor but have a practical use as well. Some of these suggestions will be viable as bathroom décor even in the case of remodelling.

Modern Towel Ladder

Modern Towel Ladder

Towel ladders used to be exclusive products that were mostly used by the upper classes, but today they’re widely used in different households. They’ve quickly transformed from being an aspirational status symbol into a practical bathroom accessory. Although they are quite common, bathroom towel ladders have retained their luxury look. For instance, modern wall mount towel ladders can bring an intriguing minimalistic feel to your bathroom. Their subtle but stylish appearance makes them perfect for any kind of interior.

Modern bathroom ladders are made from a lightweight material that is extremely durable. This means that they can endure the weight of all your bathroom towels, as well as clothing and other essentials that you might need to put away while in the bathroom. Not only this, but you can also use a bathroom ladder to support baskets filled with essential toiletries, which is especially convenient in smaller bathrooms. These can be easily supported between the wall and the strong metal rails.

Having a bath towel ladder right next to your shower gives you several conveniences. It gives you a space to hang your clothes right before getting inside the shower. It also lets you keep your bath towels in close proximity so you can cocoon yourself right after your hot shower is finished. This is especially soothing in the colder months.

When you plan to buy a towel ladder, make sure it corresponds in its design and colour with the other bathroom elements, such as the bathroom faucet and the cabinet pulls.

Towel Rails & Hooks

Towel Rails and Hooks

Alternatively, you can choose towel rails or robe hooks for hanging all of your bath towels. However, these provide you with much less space than the bathroom ladders. Towel rails come in a variety of versatile designs and materials, although black and metallic finishes are best suited for contemporary households.

Cabinet Handles & Knobs

Cabinet Handles & Knobs

Cabinet knobs and handles have always been used as subtle décor pieces. They’re one of the few things that have the ability to make an unexpected and dramatic impact in a room while still keeping functionality in mind. If chosen properly, these details have the ability to bring the aesthetics of the whole room together. Just as with any bathroom accessory, it’s important that your cabinet pulls to match the rest of the elements in the room. These include the door handle, the bathroom ladder, faucets and more. This way your cabinet hardware will act as jewellery to your bathroom’s best-dressed outfit.

If your bathroom cabinets look dull and uninteresting, a simple change of handles can make a drastic difference and freshen up your space. This is a practice that any high-end interior designer swears by. Today’s new and improved cabinet hardware gives you endless possibilities. It comes in a variety of materials and finishes so that you can easily choose the right model to complement your cabinets.

What Are the Best Modern Cabinet Handles?

When it comes to cabinet jewellery, there are some pieces that perform better than others. For contemporary spaces, designers swear by the simple and modern black cabinet pulls. Black handles were incredibly popular in 2020, and they’re looking to continue this trend. These are minimalistic, easy to manoeuvre and add a wonderful contrast, especially with lighter-coloured cabinets. They can create a stunning visual interest in bathrooms dominated by the white colour. Although black cabinet knobs are equally popular in interior design, handles are much easier to manoeuvre.
The black colour is becoming one of the trendiest colours in the design. Elements such as black cabinet pulls, black door handles, black lighting fixtures etc. have all seen increased interest. This is because black is a sleeker take on the oil-rubbed bronze when it comes to modern living spaces.

Glass Shelves

glass shelves

Storage is a tricky part of any bathroom space. However big it is, this area of your home is still smaller than the rest of the rooms and there are so many things to store in here. Apart from the usual bathroom cabinets, other storage units are too bulky to work with and often don’t fit in a smaller-sized bathroom. In order to keep your bathroom space clutter-free, the ideal option is to install shelves. In addition to their practicality – with the right styling, bathroom shelves can serve as great décor features.

Glass bathroom shelves particularly, provide a lot of benefits as a décor feature. Apart from providing effective storage space, they have a neutral look, so you can include them in any colour scheme. These shelves are also low maintenance. They’re resistant to warping and mould and can be easily cleaned with the swipe of a towel.
Where to Place a Bathroom Shelf?
You can use glass shelves to store any type of products, from towels and toiletries to accessories such as photos and plants. Glass shelves can work well in several spots, depending on the type of storage you will use them for. If you’re planning on placing décor pieces, the ideal placement would be over the toilet. Besides the vanity mirror is a good place for storing essential toiletries, while placing your shelf right next to the shower gives you easier access to the essential bathing products.

The Bottom Line

The bathroom is much more than a simple utility room, and it requires a bit of effort to style it properly. Bathroom décor doesn’t have to be bulky and flashy to make an impact. When it comes to modern bathrooms, it’s often the most simple and practical features that create the biggest difference.

Stephanie Tierney