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Wallpaper design for bedroom is not just something that you slap on a wall to cover it - this decorative element plays a major decorative role in the aesthetics of the room and its overall ambience as well.
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Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas to Refresh and Transform Your Space

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Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas to Refresh and Transform Your Space

Although it seems like an easy thing to do, decorating a bedroom with wallpaper can be tricky. Many people have tried it but not all of them have managed to pull it off successfully. Wallpaper is not just something that you slap on a wall to cover it – this decorative element plays a major decorative role in the aesthetics of the room and its overall ambience as well. So, if you want to dress up your bedroom walls with wallpaper, there are a few things to keep in mind.modern wallpaper design

Decide on the colour palette

This is the first step towards creating the perfect wallpaper design for bedroom. Choose a hue that will fit perfectly well with the rest of the elements in the room. You can match this design element with the rugs. bedding, throw pillows or other decorations to establish a more cohesive look. If you’re designing your room from scratch, it’s a good idea to first choose the wallpaper and then decorate the rest of the room around it. Keep in mind the size of your room so that you can choose a pattern size that will fit well in that space. For a bigger bedroom, you can go with a bigger pattern and for a smaller space – choose wallpaper with smaller patterns.

Create an accent wall

Accent walls are eye-catchy and can easily become the focal point in the room. For this purpose, you can go with bold shades and patterns. The most important element is the placement of the wallpaper. To achieve the best effect, my suggestion is to install the wallpaper on the wall that’s right behind your bed. Or, you can install it on the wall that’s parallel to your bed to act as a canvas for your frames and decorations.

Create a headboard

Furniture is expensive and buying a new bed just because you got bored with the way your bed looks like may not be the smartest decision. Even buying only a headboard can cost you a lot, depending on its size, material and design. Fortunately, there is a cheaper and more colourful alternative to buying a new headboard – installing wallpaper right behind it. Choose wallpaper that suits your taste and your bed’s style and design and apply it on the spot where your headboard is supposed to be. The size plays a very important role here. Check the dimensions of the wallpaper and ensure it’s slightly larger than the width of the bed (leave a 5-8cm border on either side). Make sure it is installed on a smooth wall so that there won’t be any air bubbles ruining its aesthetics.wingate-geometric-wallpaper

Add texture

wood print wallpaperAdding some texture to your bedroom’s decor will add more visual interest to your space. For a more dramatic effect, you can choose wallpaper with more rough patterns. Nature-inspired models are a great choice for bedrooms thanks to their soothing colours and designs. Moreover, currently, stone and wood prints are very trendy and will help you create a look that is both traditional and modern.

Nowadays, there is a greater number of options when it comes to wallpaper design for bedroom than there were years ago. These lovelies come in a range of patterns, styles, designs and textures, which means there is a design style for everyone.

  • Traditional Masculinity – This paper for walls can help you create a traditional bedroom that oozes grace and style. The mixture of rich tones and patterns will add character and more interest to the wall.
  • Just Texture – You don’t necessarily have to go with a print – you can add drama to your room only by installing textured wallpaper.
  • Floral Dots – If you want something that is both contemporary and soft, look for paper with floral dots. One with clean polka dots wrapped in a floral print with add cuteness to the room’s design.
  • Palm Leaves – A paper with this pattern is the perfect combination of luxury, good vibes and a bit of an Asian essence. It’s perfect for creating an accent wall in a small room as it will make the space ideal for unwinding.
  • Delicate Lines – If your bedroom features neutral tones, then wallpaper with bold colours and delicate lines will ideally complement and contrast the room.
  • Creamy Feminity – The monochromatic scheme of this wallpaper will make the room seem clean and sleek, toning down any bold design elements.
  • Triangle PatternMediterranean Luxury – This is the ideal choice for people who have an interest in intricate detailing and luxury. Usually, these models feature rich patterns, so make sure your bedroom is spacious enough before installing them, otherwise, they might make the room too crowded.
  • Metallic Gold – Metallics are trendy, not just in the world of fashion but also in the world of interior design. So, installing a metallic wallpaper in your bedroom is a great way to make a statement.
  • Contemporary Grain – If you want to design a contemporary bedroom, a subtle wood grain wallpaper can help you achieve that. These lovelies usually feature modern tones while also creating a warmer space.
Stephanie Tierney