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Bolster Cushions: The Handy Yoga Props

Bolster Cushions: The Handy Yoga Props

Living the lifestyles of today, constantly busy, constantly stressed, it’s more than important to find a way to relax, and have a nice workout at that. That’s exactly what yoga provides, and that’s why it’s still as popular as ever, after all the millennia.

Whether you’re a beginner, or already know some of the asanas, whether you’re a fan of it or not, the benefits are undeniable, so there’s no reason for both men and women not to take up yoga as their ideal physical activity.

As much as we’d like to learn how to do the asanas like professionals do, yoga takes time as much as patience and endurance, as well as relying on some yoga props, such as the bolster cushions. Though there are people who prefer doing yoga the old way, without props, cushions are specifically designed to increase comfort, and stretching, as well as support for the asanas helping with maintaining proper posture and avoiding injuries when there’s lack of flexibility.

Along with that the bolster cushions are essential with difficult restorative poses, spine poses, and even pranayamas (deep breathing exercises) as they provide utmost relaxation. Popular since the 1960s, cushions have undergone considerable changes, all for the better of course, so nowadays they can be found made of eco-friendly, recycled materials, like poly fillings and organic cotton covers. There are different sizes, weights, shapes, colours, and patterns too, plus handy features like carry handles.

Yoga bolsters can be just as helpful for pregnant women doing prenatal yoga (or even helping with sleep at night!), as they can be for people with injuries. Thanks to their sspecific shape, the possibilities of using them are endless; that’s how versatile they are. Some asanas you’d find them most useful with are balasana (so called child pose), sukhasana (the easy pose), and the pose good for improving the blood circulation, viparita karani.

What’s great about bolsters is they also offer the possibility of modifying some of the asanas, finding the position with most support, and when you have more support, you don’t have time to focus on pressure points, but rather on the asanas, your breathing, and relaxation.

As with all props, they do require a bit of maintenance every now and then, to ensure their durability, like washing, but to do so properly, you have to carefully read through the instructions. You have a reason more to take care of them since you can use them as part of your interior décor when not doing yoga.

Stephanie Tierney