How to Choose the Perfect Rug for Each Space in Your Home
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How to Choose the Perfect Rug for Each Space in Your Home


How to Choose the Perfect Rug for Each Space in Your Home

Rugs have the power to help you set the tone of any space in your home, but choosing the right one mainly depends on the room you are going to design. Since today’s market is overwhelmed with numerous rugs that come in different styles, types, sizes, patterns and colours, when it comes to buying rugs for your home, online rugs specialised stores can offer you the best choice and the best deals. Just make sure to choose a reliable online rugs retailer in order to get quality rugs at an affordable price.

And now, let’s get back to the manner in hand and go into more detail regarding how to pick the ideal rug for each space in your home.

Bedroom Rugs

Since the bedroom is your own sanctuary place, you should choose a rug that will make your room even more relaxing and peaceful. According to interior designers, a cotton cream/beige rug will turn your bedroom into the most peaceful place on earth. They say that when it comes to the bedroom you should avoid carpets/rugs in dark colours, and regarding the material, you should stick only to silk, cotton and wool.

Living Room Rugs

The living room is exactly the opposite of your bedroom. This is the place where you can get creative, show off your personality and choose anything you like. For example, if you have chosen to put a large and vibrant colour painting in your living room, you should choose a rug that will be as dominant as the painting. In this case, a mixture of wool and silk rug with a repetitive pattern (circles for example) will be the perfect finish touch for your living room.

Note: Living rooms usually have a beautiful wooden flooring so avoid choosing a wall-to-wall rug that will hide the beauty of the flooring.


Entryway Rugs

The entryway rug has the power to set the tone for the surrounding rooms, so make sure you choose one that will create the perfect welcoming space. Besides taking into account your home’s personality, you should choose one that is durable in order to handle the high foot traffic.

Dining Room Rugs

Since the dining room is the place where you gather every day with your family for lunch, the rug should be cute and cosy. However, before you go online and buy a rug for your dining room, interior designers suggest sticking to cut pile wool carpets (in case you have little children) so that you can avoid the chair dragging game.

Bathroom Rugs

Bathroom rugs are just as important as any other rug, which means that you should forget about the cheap options. When it comes to choosing rug for your bathroom, make sure you choose soft, cosy and comfortable one in cooler colours like light blue.


Ian Tompson