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Coastal Chic Comfort: Tips for Crafting a Hampton Style Bedroom

bedroom decorated with Hamptons style

Coastal Chic Comfort: Tips for Crafting a Hampton Style Bedroom

Have you been dreaming about falling asleep in a bedroom decorated in Hamptons style? It’s no wonder this style has captured our hearts; it’s synonymous with everything stylish, classy, and beachy.

The Hamptons style, which derives its name from the opulent beachfront mansions on Long Island, New York, is the perfect mixture of sophisticated and carefree living. If you’re looking to create a space that invites you to unwind, a Hamptons-style bedroom is just the right look for you. Here’s how to create the style.

It’s all About the Bed

bedroom inspired by Hamptons in grey and neutral colors

As the largest furniture piece in the room, your bed is, without doubt, the focal point and sets the style for the rest of your space. The bed’s look is achieved first with the right headboard.

Ideally, you’ll want to bedhead to be classic, but simple, clean and neutral. The best example of a Hampton bedhead is the upholstered model. Aside from being classic, it adds comfort to any bed.

For a serene look, opt for white or slightly cream fabrics. If your bedroom is light-coloured, however, you can choose ashy blues that are more regal, classic, and nautical, or light soft blues like those seen in the Australian Hamptons that give off a soft coastal vibe. You can also choose sand-thin stripes or white and blue stripes. But if you opt for a headboard with stripes or another design, you’ll need to use bed linens in a complementary colour and one that doesn’t compete with the headboard’s pattern. It’ll be much easier to play with the bedding if you choose a Hampton bedhead in a neutral solid colour.

Wood headboards are also an option. An oversized timber frame in a neutral shade is a great choice. But avoid going too square. Soft curves are more classic and seaside than hard edges. As for the bedframe, it should be simple in design and complement the headboard. The bed should look like one single piece. Opting for different colours and materials for the frame and headboard will break the bed, creating visual clutter.

You can add a clean cloth skirt (white or somewhat creamy if it matches the headboard) to your bed if it has a metal frame, is a different colour from the rest of the furniture, doesn’t match the headboard, or isn’t in the Hamptons style. White always works.

Include Plush Bed Layers

Continue to make the bed the focal point by adding numerous layers of quilts, bedspreads, throws, and pillows. To achieve the cosy atmosphere associated with the Hamptons style, choose breathable natural textiles like bamboo, cotton and linen. Stick to the classic colour scheme of whites, neutrals, and blues for a classic Hamptons look. But for a more contemporary aesthetic, browns, greys, beiges, and blacks are great choices. Keep patterns simple and let the layers take centre stage.

Consider a Layered Lighting Scheme

bedroom inspired by Hamptons in grey and dark blue colors

When designing a Hampton bedroom, harsh overhead lighting is something you certainly don’t want to see. Instead, use ambient, accent, and task lighting to create multiple lighting layers. Hang a dramatic chandelier or eye-catching pendant lamp to provide general ambient lighting for a more glamorous Hamptons bedroom.

Strategically placed wall lighting can be used to draw attention to interesting decorative elements like your distinctive Hamptons nautical and beach artwork. A set of coordinating wall scones or table lamps can make tasks such as reading in bed much easier. It’s safe to keep with natural materials, like rattan pendant lights or hardwood chandeliers, similar to how it was with the textiles, but gold and brass embellishments add a touch of opulence and sophistication.

Keep Your Windows Bare

You’ll want to leave your bedroom windows plain because Hampton’s interior design is all about bright, natural light and letting the outside pour in. If you prefer a little more light blocking for those beautiful mornings, then you can use soft-flowing drapes or plantation shutters in a light shade that feels spacious.


The Hamptons style is distinguished from other designs by its nautical look. Use accents to help define your bedrooms, such as blue-hued artwork of the ocean or water. Additionally, for the ideal beach vibe, bedside lamps or chandeliers made of natural materials can be used. At night, the lamps cast a soft, cosy, and conducive to sleep light. You can also get rattan baskets and lamps with linen shades for this theme. Of course, let’s not forget the plush carpets made of cotton. To match the pillows and linens, use rugs with light colours or patterns. With carpets and linens, nautical patterns are frequently a must-try.

Shells or replica shells are other sets of accessories that you can use to finish the coastal vibe in your bedroom. Vases and glass jars are also great options for polished accessories for this design. Just make you arrange your accessories in a way that they create a pattern that fits the bedroom design. Stay away from overaccessorizing. With the Hamptons style, simplicity is best!

Stephanie Tierney