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All the Details Surrounding Animal Quarantine and How to Best Avoid It

All the Details Surrounding Animal Quarantine and How to Best Avoid It

If you’re a pet owner who wants to move to the wonderful, warm land of opportunities that is Australia, then you better buckle up for a wild ride. If you thought the visa process for you and your family was complicated, just wait until you see what the process of getting your pet into the country entails. Due to the vast array of animals inhibiting the continent, Australia has to have strict criteria for pet entry in order to keep many animal diseases at bay. Thanks to the strict criteria, many animal diseases that other countries deal with, can’t be found in Australia.


And while this can be seen as a great benefit for Australians and their animals, people who want to travel with their pets, both in and out of Australia, can easily get frustrated because of it. However, being 100% rabies free is much more important than having your pet in quarantine for a couple of days or having to go through the pain of acquiring all the necessary documents.

But similar rules apply to taking your pet overseas. Sometimes, quarantine is unavoidable, regardless of how perfectly healthy your pet may be. That being said, the best you can do sometimes in order to minimize animal quarantine Melbourne vets and pet travel specialists suggest, is thoroughly prepare and make sure you have everything that you need, such as customs clearances, import permits, and quarantine clearance. But remember, sometimes no amount of paperwork or money can help you completely avoid quarantine.

However, that isn’t something to stress about. A lot of people have the misconception that quarantine is something similar to jail, but that is really far from the truth. Quarantine facilities are typically being ran by the country’s government and are staffed with professional pet handlers and pet lovers. Generally, the facility features a nice outdoor space where your pet can get fresh air and run around.

Moreover, even though most quarantine facilities have their own rules and regulations, most of them will still allow you to visit your pet every day and give it special food and medicine if necessary. However, if that’s not allowed, you can go an extra step and have animal quarantine Melbourne specialists and travel agents draft up the extra paperwork for your pet’s special needs.

Bottom line is, moving with a pet can be both frustrating and intimidating, and the entire process can be rather complex. However, all obstacles can be avoided if you put your faith in the hands of a pet moving agency. They can ensure your pet gets minimum quarantine time, or no quarantine at all if possible.

Ian Tompson