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Don’t be Bull Headed and Get a Toyota Bull Bar: The Importance of Frontal Protection

toyota bull bar black

Don’t be Bull Headed and Get a Toyota Bull Bar: The Importance of Frontal Protection

When it comes to designing pickups, Toyota seem to have it down to a pretty reliable formula. Their cars are famed not only for their power, but for their reliability as well. However, no matter how durable the vehicle, there are always a few ways that it can be made even stronger. The Toyota bull bars are a perfect example of one such way.

Every one of the Toyota bull bars for sale serve an integral role in protecting the centre face and underside of the bumper from frontal and underside impact. They are designed in a way that they can take the excess force that would have gone to the softer front body panels and instead channel it through the vehicle’s structure directly. Their heavy-duty construction makes them far more sturdy and reliable than certain grille guards or bumpers that serve almost exclusively a decorative function.

But even in terms of visual appeal, any of the Toyota bull bars for sale can give you a look that you can’t get from a push bar or the before-mentioned grille guard. This comes as a result of the bull bar having a tubular construction that’s wider in diameter and that doesn’t extend so far upward, giving it a feeling of quiet strength.

The one thing that is difficult with the Toyota bull bars is the installation. This is because not only are they quite bulky, but also their placement makes them very problematic for anyone that was hoping to save some money and put it in themselves. What is easy though, are the items that can be installed on the bull bars themselves without much expertise or hassle thanks to the already made holes. More precisely, there are additional lights that can be fitted if there is ever a case when visibility is limited and a collapsed sun is needed, as well as a winch if there is ever a need to help someone (or even yourself) out of a difficult situation.

Bumpers and bumper-guards are currently the most bought after-market car parts, and this is due in no small part to the upgrade in appearance that each vehicle seemingly gets the minute one such item is attached to it. But, at the end of the day, you will need to decide between getting a piece of decoration that offers some moderate protection but serves mainly as eye candy, or a piece of equipment that has your and your vehicle’s safety as its priority, while still looking good. Not all that much of a difficult choice honestly.

Ian Tompson