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Electric Scooters: Are They the Future of Inner City Commuting?

Electric Scooters: Are They the Future of Inner City Commuting?

Scooters have long been a kid’s way to zip around the neighbourhood and have fun. Thanks to the latest advancements in battery technology though, scooters have become more powerful and convenient even for adults.

Today’s electric scooters are not only fun to ride, but they are also a great way to get some exercise. Whilst you don’t push one to get moving, an electric scooter is still a great way to get some muscle toning since you’re still standing on it when riding.

Riding an e scooter also improves body balance and it makes for a great alternative for people with disabilities that prevent them from driving cars. The portability of an e scooter is something to keep in mind too as well as the ease of use and low maintenance that comes with it. Many consider electric scooters to be the future of commuting and the way they’re designed confirms that.

The Different Parts of Electric Scooters

the motor of e scooter


What makes every mode of transportation move is its motor. Electric scooters have their motor(s) embedded into the hub of the wheel(s). The motor or set of motors present on electric scooters for adults are called BLDC (brushless direct current) motors. Usually, you’ll find that most e scooters have 250 watt motors whilst more powerful ones come with 500 watt motors. The most power-hungry and performance-oriented scooters have dual motors up to 1200 watts or even more.


This electronic component controls the flow of current being sent to the motor. Placed deep inside the scooter, these rectangular metal cans work by receiving a signal from the accelerator and brake controls. This signal is then converted to a current which is sent to the motor. Controllers are a part that is often overlooked despite having a crucial task – connecting two important components.


E scooter battery packs are made of multiple individual cells put together in one long rectangular tank. The majority of electric scooters use lithium-ion batteries since they are inexpensive but also the most fitting solution. The capacity of batteries is measured in Wh and the bigger the number before that rating, the longer the runtime of the scooter.


The runtime of a scooter also depends on how you use other scooter components such as the lights. Much like motorcycles, electric scooters for adults come with a pair of lights to make you visible and able to see at night. LED headlights are what’s usually installed as they are efficient and offer the use of multiple colours. Lights can also be found under the deck and brake activated ones at the back wheel.


A braking system is a must on every type of transportation no matter how fast it can go. With electric scooters, brakes are either mechanical or electronic. Mechanical ones rely on a physical mechanism which can be comprised of drums, discs or foot brakes. Electronics brakes rely on the motor itself and come with features such as regenerative braking.


Scooter tyres come in two categories: pneumatic and airless. Pneumatic, or also known as air-filled tyres, provide better ride quality and perform better on poor road conditions than airless. This is why it’s recommended that you go with pneumatic tyres.


This platform usually comes with a rubber layer on top of it to provide better traction. Most electric scooters have the battery placed into the deck and some decks come with a sloped back to give you more space for your feet.


Like basic kick scooters, an e scooter for adults comes with handle bars. This is what you steer the scooter with and it usually comes with a display and power buttons alongside the obvious – accelerator and brakes. The majority of portable scooters come with fordable handlebars to reduce width and make carrying them an easier task.


The stem is what connects the front wheel to the handlebars and it can be folded. This folding mechanism used to only apply to smaller e scooters, but now more and more regularly sized electric scooters are starting to adopt this feature.

What You Should Know


Are Electric Scooters Legal in Australia?

The electric scooter laws in Australia state that it is unlawful to ride an electric scooter on roads or any road assigned areas unless it comes with an engine cylinder that is under 50 cc and a top speed of 50 km/ h.

Do You Need a License For a Scooter in Australia?

For half the territories and states in Australia you need to have a motorcycle license to ride a scooter with an electric motor. In South and Western Australia, learner drivers must first pass riding tests before they are legally allowed to ride one.

Is Scooter Safer Than Motorcycle?

Research shows that out of moped, motorcycle and electric scooter riders, moped riders are the least safe ones. Motorcycle riders are also very likely to suffer an accident on the road, whilst scooter riders seem to be the safest.

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