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A person doesn’t have to be a first responder, an outdoorsman, or even a plumber to appreciate just important - or how ubiquitous - having a reliable flashlight is.

Whether it’s a 300 lumen knapsack essential that fits in the palm of your hand, or a 25,000 lumen torch that's kept as part of your family’s emergency preparedness kit, as a minimum, a flashlight can make finding your keys in the dark less of a headache. Or it can illuminate the way to safety in near-zero visibility.

Most flashlights, however, fall soundly between these two extremes. These are the modern, high-intensity lighting devices that are compact enough to qualify as everyday carry items, but robust enough to count on in case of a genuine emergency.

Did you know that about 10% of the Australian daily water supply is lost through leaks? And it doesn’t seem like it’s coming to a halt anytime soon either. In fact, water damage claims have virtually doubled down on the number of fire and break-in complaints in recent years. They’re normally caused by a faulty pipe system, changes in water pressure or high temperatures, all of which may lead to extensive damage in your household.

Minelab has been in business for a long time and is a well-known brand among treasure hunters. Ron Shore began selling metal detectors from his Chicago basement in 1985. Like any new business, he went through many trials before developing his detectors to be exactly what the gold enthusiasts needed and wanted.

Thinking about buying a refurbished Samsung? Refurbished phones are undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to get a high-end phone without investing a small fortune in it. However, a lot of people are opposed to purchasing a refurbished second-hand device, as there’s almost never a guarantee that you’re getting a phone that is 100% functional. 

Different types of welding, different equipment. But common to all of them is the welder rod or electrode. This is the metallic rod or wire that is used to create the bond between two metals. There are dozens of types of electrodes, each used with specific metals and in different welding types. Knowing which to choose will also determine the overall strength and finish of the weld.

Barcodes and barcode scanners are everywhere. They're used in retail stores, in social media apps and even on event tickets! Barcodes don't just identify individual products; they provide businesses with an amazing amount of information which helps them track inventory better than ever before so,...

Anyone opening a business will face a lot of challenges they probably never gave a second thought. Processing customer transactions is one of those things. And no matter how small your business, whether you are opening an ice cream parlour, a small bakery, café, restaurant,...

In the eyes of a true believer, RC toys will never die out as they bring the pure we all had as kids playing around with one in the backyard. RC cars may be seen as something only kids can have fun but they are in fact not. If you want to spend more time with your kids or assembling an RC car on your own for hours then you should consider an RC kit. The RC cars you've once had were definitely RTRs or ready-to-run cars hence why you didn't spend time assembling them.

Technology first developed for military use has steadily found its way in countless everyday applications. From jet propulsion and radio location of the Second World War to surveillance satellites from the dawn of the space age, much of what we take for granted today was first developed for military purposes. And as we casually board planes, scroll through maps on our smartphones, or track our sporting activity on smartwatches, we put little thought into the complexity of the technologies involved.