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Elegant Work Uniforms: Dress for Comfort and Success


Elegant Work Uniforms: Dress for Comfort and Success

Uniforms unify people to represent the same ideas and goals and work towards them. Like all clothes, uniforms are a way to communicate something, but they do it in a more direct, useful and purposeful way. These pieces of clothing tell us that this person is here to help us with that. We are used to seeing them everywhere around us, and we find a certain comfort in them. We all think it, and even Andy Warhol has said it: “people in uniform always look so great”.

How Do Uniforms Affect Employees?

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The simplest answer to the question “why is wearing uniforms at work important?” lies in all the benefits your employees get from their stylish, elegant and comfortable uniforms. And your business benefits from them in the form of your employees’ work ethics, their respect for their job, their appreciation of the way they are treated and protected, and ultimately, their loyalty and desire to stay and work hard for the good of the business.

In many cases, uniforms are important because they provide safety for the employees, for example, people working in warehouses, in construction etc. In places like fast-food restaurants or cafes, the reason for wearing uniforms may simply be convenience. We are all used to seeing the aircrew, the police, doctors, hotel employees etc. in their neat uniforms. However, any sector can benefit from work uniforms.

Feeling Good and Looking Stylish

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Good uniforms, for instance, ones consisting of beautifully-crafted women’s and mens business shirts, pants, skirts, cardigans, jackets, etc. should help your employees forget that their clothes are parts of a uniform. They can be as elegant and professional as any garment one could buy for themselves. A good uniform is one that feels as if it were an outfit you picked for yourself.

To this effect, the employer should consider their employees’ opinions about the uniforms they are planning to order. Making your team feel comfortable in what they wear on a daily basis will pay off in the long run, so investing in high-quality materials and good style means investing in the future of your business.

Sense of Togetherness and Being Part of the Team

All uniforms have one thing in common: they make a group of people feel like they are together in something. Being in the restaurant with their recognisable stylish uniforms, in the office with their fashionable mens business shirts, in the store in their cool work t-shirts, etc., helps your employees feel like they’re a team and they can count on each other.

Sense of Representing Something Other Than Just Yourself

This is especially important for people who are shy, anxious or simply introverted. Wearing a uniform gives them the support they need and, in lack of better words, the excuse that what they are doing (speaking in front of people, talking with customers, calling someone…) is within their job’s capacity. This, in turn, allows them to distance themselves away from their nervousness, sets their mind at ease, and gives them confidence and courage, resulting in happier and more devoted employees.

Saving Money and Time

People spend a lot of time and money trying to find outfits that are suitable and comfortable enough for work. What’s more, your employees don’t have to spend time wondering “what should I wear to work?”.

Sense of boundaries between work and home life

Think nervous wreck Clark Kent changing into his superhero uniform and becoming the man of steel. We say that clothes don’t make the person, but they can certainly provoke a change in their state of mind. Like actors turning into their characters when the curtain lifts, when employees change into their men business shirt, or into their women business suit jacket, they assume their work role. This is not to say they stop being themselves – but in a way, their uniform sets a line between their work and home life, so when they change back into their daily clothes, they can leave the workday behind them and devote to their family.

How Do Uniforms Affect Business?

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Apart from making your business look more professional, uniforms give your company a visually recognisable mark, setting it apart from others, and making it more memorable for your customers. Dressed in business shirts men and women alike also show your offices’ seriousness in a more palpable and visual way. This won’t only affect the way your clients perceive your business, but also your staffs’ efficiency.

If your business has more direct contact with customers, like mobile company stores, restaurants, supermarkets etc., uniforms can actually increase your profits, since customers trust more businesses with presentable customer service. People are more likely to decide to spend their money at an establishment where the staff members wear nice, elegant, clean and well-fitted professional uniforms.

Furthermore, uniforms make your employees stand out from the crowd. Many small things play big roles in the way a customer feels about returning to your business. One of those is the easiness with which they can identify the staff should they need help in some way. And ultimately, this will bring you more returning customers and recommendations, consequently boosting your profits.

Ian Tompson