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Exploring the Clipsal Saturn Series of Socket and Switch Lines

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Exploring the Clipsal Saturn Series of Socket and Switch Lines

Buzzing sounds, burning smells, dim or flickering lights, and power outlets hot to the touch are giveaway signs that you need to do something about your switches and sockets. These are serious safety considerations that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Don’t risk severe burns or electrocution from subpar electrical connections in your home. Or damaging thousands of dollars worth of appliances and electronics. Swapping out damaged units is only common sense, but you can also do a total overhaul, add some neat future-proof tech, and of course, get rid of outdated connections that don’t blend in with any renovations you have in mind.

If you’re set on changing tired or worn switches and power points in your home, consider established brands. Clipsal is an iconic homegrown company that has been producing all things electrical for over a century. They have defined lines of products for residential, commercial and industrial use, all produced to the highest safety standards, and have pushed the envelope of technical innovation in terms of features and usability. One of their more recent and popular lines for home use is the Clipsal Saturn series. This builds on the C2000 and Iconic ranges seen in many Aussie homes but adds more style, upscale textures and finishes, improved materials and products in tune with the times.

What Makes the Saturn Series Special?

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Sophistication, seamless integration, and unmatched style are what the Saturn series is all about. The line is like no other on the market and offers effortless one-touch operation and aesthetics that pair with any architecturally designed home. Choose electrical accessories from the Saturn range to draw attention to décor elements or complement the look of renovated rooms. There’s the choice of visually enticing matte or gloss finishes, understated but modern colour options, and the choice of unique metallic textures and superb functionality offered in the Horizon and Zen lines.

Saturn Wall Switches

Wall switches in the Clipsal Saturn line are offered in units with 1 to 6 individual switches (or ‘gangs’), and the option of full-sized or architrave designs where space is tight. The aim is to declutter walls or unnecessary additions, offer control over several lights or fixtures and not draw unwanted attention. These work well in areas like kitchens, when upgrading to new kitchen lights, and in redesigned living rooms with open floor spaces, and airy bedrooms. All Saturn wall switches come with LED surrounds for better illumination in the dark, and the option of labelling separate buttons in multi-gang styles. This removes the guesswork and provides more safety.

Sockets in Different Configurations

Single, dual or quad power points give you unrivalled functionality. All power points continue the Aussie tradition of being of the switched type. Use single sockets for unrivalled safety and effortless power in more demanding appliances, and dual and quad outlets in areas like living and bedrooms, to power multiple devices in a smaller footprint. Here, adequate spacing means more room for larger plugs and chargers, so none of your electronics, gadgets or appliances gets left out.

Beyond Switches and Power Points

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Clipsal extends the Saturn range with an all-in-one solution that incorporates control over the airflow in fans and is ideally paired with the company’s line of three, four and five-bladed ceiling fans. These complement the look of the switches with their white metallic or stainless steel colours. And with dimmer switches now being commonplace, there’s also the option of one-touch push-button and linear dimming in one or multiple lights and lowering energy bills with less power usage, or setting the scene in home theatre rooms when binge-watching your favourite shows. Dimmers and fan controllers are of the same high-quality faceplates as sockets and switches, with neatly integrated buttons.

The line also encompasses communications electrical accessories to connect TVs, landlines, NBN and your choice of audio and visual components. And for future additions, without scarring interior looks, choose matching blank plates from the Clipsal Saturn series.

Colours, Textures and Tech with the Saturn Zen Line

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The Saturn line is defined by the glass-textured look offered in subdued colours the company names as Ocean Mist, Espresso Black and Pure White. The related Horizon range moves towards metallic textures in silver and black, while the newer Zen line gives homeowners the choice of matte white, grey and black finishes.

The Zen range differs stylistically, with off-centre switches, and adds more tech features to the wider Saturn lineup. This retains simple yet effective push-button operation and the use of backlit pictograms to prevent switch surfing, but also scores points with integrated USB power points, either in single or dual configurations when paired with sockets, and individual cradle charging points for larger phones or tablets. To keep up with modern tech, Clipsal has also added automation, by incorporating its Saturn Zen C-Bus tech to offer homeowners complete control of lighting, fans, air-conditioning, security cameras and more, all from the convenience of a central wall-mounted hub. This is a future-proof solution, requiring minimal wiring on installation, and offering the possibility of endless future upgrades and additions.

Ian Tompson