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Food & Drink

Every restaurant owner knows how competitive and hard the restaurant life can be, especially if there are too many similar places in the same area or even on the same street. How can your restaurant stand out? Well, there are a lot of factors that can play a huge part, but the most essential one is good food. For example, if you own an Italian restaurant, you want to ensure that your customers get the most authentic and delicious Italian meals. No one could stay indifferent to the lovely smell of perfectly baked pizza or freshly made pasta dishes, such as spaghetti bolognese, lasagna, and others.

Did you know that the health benefits of homebrewed beer outweigh the benefits of the commercially produced kinds? If you are a beer lover this may be enough reason to try making your first batch of homebrewed beer and experiment with a variety of flavours you’ve never tried before. Moreover, knowing the ingredients that have been put into is an even better reason as with homebrewing you’ll avoid using any preservatives and weird chemicals that are required for the commercially made beer to be able to preserve its taste for a long time.

As the holidays are coming up, bonding with your close ones is something you shouldn’t miss out on. And if hosting a party sounds like a good idea, how can you make sure the party won’t be boring? Well, recently, alcohol tasting parties have become very...

Homebrewing is an ancient art, but passing it from generation to generation has made it slip into modern times. With the rise of craft breweries and distilleries, there are more opportunities than ever to experiment with creating your own spirit. Throughout history, distilled spirits have been used in medicine, and some cultures implement it even still, but now home brewing is one of the most cherished art forms that can grow from a casual pastime to a blooming business overnight.

When it comes to celebration, what beverage comes to your mind? Probably sparkling wine. Everything from New Year's celebrations and proms to weddings, birthdays and romantic evenings out, there is no better way to be more romantic or celebratory than opening a bottle of bubbly. Just make sure you don't call it "Champagne" just because it sparkles. Many don't know, but the only sparkling wine in the world that can be labelled "champagne" are those made in the region of France. Sparkling wine made elsewhere can come with different labels including Prosecco, Spumante, Cava and Asti.

pouring sparkling wine

Beer brewing is a challenging and delicate process. People that excel at beer brewing invest a lot of time and energy into it. You need to get the right ingredients, use quality equipment and use a special recipe if you want to create craft beer that’ll be your pride and something you would gladly share with other people. Beer brewing may not be the easiest thing you’ve done but it’s a great activity to dedicate to.

Some people enjoy making their beer at home. Homebrewing is all about having fun, mixing and matching the right type of ingredients, and crafting the perfect taste. While cleaning and sanitizing are considered to be the boring, dull part of the whole process of beer making, they are at the same time the most important one.

Across cultures around the world, since the beginning of time, gift-giving has always been a common way to show love. As a matter of fact, whether it’s to loved ones or to deities, we may say that offering gifts has always been in our nature....

Distilling is a hobby many have picked up over the years. It's quite a rewarding activity, requiring a lot of attention, care for details, and a bunch of rule-following to create a tasty drink that's uniquely your own.

What Is Biodynamic Wine?

Pure, low-intervention and tasty, these are the words that can best describe biodynamic wine Australia wine connoisseurs say. In other words, this is the cleanest and safest wine. A wine that contains no chemicals, no synthetic fertilisers or pesticides to nourish the soil and grapes. What's more, this wine doesn’t contain additives for post-harvest correction. We can freely say that quality biodynamic wine Australia grown and produced, is made by winemakers who want to preserve the Earth and create the purest possible wine in the world without damaging the planet.