Give a Traditional Touch to Your Bathroom with Accessories
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Give a Traditional Touch to Your Bathroom with Accessories

Traditional bathroom with traditional bathroom mirrors

Give a Traditional Touch to Your Bathroom with Accessories

While in the past, bathrooms were the most neglected space in the home, they’re far from that now. These days, the bathroom is considered the second most important space of a home, right after the kitchen. Since it’s among the most heavily used spaces, building and accessorising a bathroom is quite important for many homeowners.

If you think there’s not much you can do in terms of accessorising a primarily utilitarian space, you couldn’t be far from wrong. Even if it’s a traditional bathroom we’re talking about. Today, there are plenty of decor solutions, giving you the freedom to mix and match different styles to create an elegant, timeless and practical space without expensive remodelling.

Interested? Some of these ideas can easily inspire you to make the right choice for your traditional bathroom.

A Traditional Mirror to Anchor the Design

traditional bathroom mirrors

In a place where you go to beautify your looks, a mirror is essential. But there’s another reason for its presence, traditional bathroom mirrors add a timeless charm, helping to anchor the whole design.

Then, there’s also the fact that large traditional-style bathroom mirrors reflect light around the room. And this can help to open up small spaces, making them look bigger than they are.

So, if you have a small room to work with, ideally, you should place your mirror and vanity on the wall opposite the window, so that light can bounce off it. If that spot isn’t any good for your vanity, you can always add a separate smaller mirror (tilt, for instance).

Today’s traditional bathroom mirrors are available in numerous shapes, types, frames, frame colours, and finishes, which gives you the freedom to do whatever you want. You can pick a larger piece or mix and match several smaller ones. This will add some character while reflecting the natural light.

In case you don’t have free space, you can consider installing mirror cabinets. They’re a practical and versatile storage solution that can free up lots of floor space. There’s a large traditional cabinet range, allowing you to choose a single cabinet, dual cabinet, etc. It all depends on the size of the wall and its free space. If the space allows it, you can install cabinets from wall to wall. This can create the illusion of having an extremely spacious room.

A Freestanding Bath to Soak in Luxury

A Freestanding Bath

Freestanding baths are one of the most popular and gorgeous bathing solutions for traditional spaces. Unlike built-in bathtubs that just sit in the corner, free-standing ones instantly become the focal point of your roombecause of their intricate design, style and shape. Regardless of their actual price, freestanding tubs always look luxurious and expensive, especially in the case of claw foot tubs which are breathtaking.

There’s a wide selection of freestanding tubs. If you’re playful, you can pick one of the egg-shaped tubs and match it with the rest of your traditionally-inspired accessories. Something great about these bathtubs is that they are much easier to install and can be placed anywhere in the bathroom, from the middle of the room to directly under a window where you can enjoy the view.

Lighting for a More Functional Space

layered light in bathroom

Natural light is one of the best ways to enhance the look of your space. However, in a space where you need good visibility, you cannot rely on natural light solely. Besides using central overhead lighting, think of light layering which will help you illuminate every corner and prevent shadows. Of course, layered light will also create a more aesthetically pleasing effect.

Consider installing wall lights that are usually placed on each side of the bathroom mirror cabinet, so the light can be reflected. You can also install such lights on any other wall, even over your bathtub for a soft and warm glow.

Shelves to Keep Everything Neatly Organised and Display Decor

shelves in bathroom

Traditional spaces are all about details, so adding shelves to a bathroom won’t be that strange. The best spot for shelves is usually near the basin/vanity, but they can also be seen beside a freestanding tub. They’re the perfect place for keeping your towels and shampoos, given the fact that freestanding bathtubs don’t have space for them.

However, just like regular shelves, you can also use them to display the decor you want. For instance, you can put some interesting art prints framed in a traditional frame. You can go for landscape art if you want to make the area more soothing.

Add Greenery for a Refreshing Touch

greenery in the traditional bathroom

Adding greenery in the bathroom isn’t strange, especially if you want to break up the dullness. They are a great way to bring the outside in, without having to splurge a lot. Ideally, you can place them on a shelf, near the basin or in some unused corner. You’ll be amazed by the fact that there are plenty of plants that thrive in this room.

Stephanie Tierney