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Handbags and Accessories: Let’s Dance to the Fashion Beat of the Street

Handbags and Accessories: Let’s Dance to the Fashion Beat of the Street

We’re all witnesses of the boom of the fashion blogging trend; a tough competition between people with extraordinary style and skills for make up and hair along with a creative ability to combine clothes and accessories, resulting in a stunning vision worth millions of social media followers. That consequently meant covers in top fashion magazines, launching their own shoes, clothes and accessories line, modelling/brand ambassador deals and all kinds of fruitful business opportunities for the top cream of this new fashion group of people. For the vast fashion public this seemed like enough recognition to turn to the more approachable trend setters: the street style icons.

Still basing their outfits on what major fashion brands dictate and using the opportunity less expensive brands offer, street stylers express their creativity in combining pieces and colours that make the point in their own unique way. From shoes to handbag – everything is by the latest trends but combined with a dose of the individuality and uniqueness of the fashionista, resulting in a dazzling fashion scene rich with styles for every taste. Among the other currently trending pieces from the fashionista’s closet, in the focus on this blog post will be the latest womens handbags trends that vary from large, luscious designs, to small, extremely eye-catchy clutches.


A fashionista is not wearing the same handbag all day!
For fashionistas, even a short trip to the grocery store is stylishly pulled off. Which means: morning, afternoon and evening dates are all done with a different handbag as an accessory to a different, yet perfectly suitable to the occasion outfit. Mornings and afternoons are almost always reserved for the eternal totes, which according to the latest womens handbags trends, have evolved in their size from extra large to medium. Small clutches and handbags alike, are reserved for evening dates and walks, special events and similar occasions. Their purpose is pretty much it: they serve for carrying the phone, keys, money and lipstick and mainly act as an accessory to the outfit.

All praise the hats, scarves and socks
The fedora has never been more popular! It seems like the perfect combination of colours in clothing pieces is just not enough for a complete look. It looks like something is always missing and the fedora does just the thing: completes a look literally ‘head-to-toe’. Large, knitted (or cotton, depending on the season) scarves are also among the basic style weapons of street stylers, as these large pieces can dictate the colour and can act as the much needed attention-grabbing detail. Inevitable here are the knee-length and over-the-knee socks (wool, cotton or nylon made) that act also as the perfect finish to an outfit, especially when paired with shorts or short fancy skirts.

A loud come-back: badges
As jewellery isn’t enough, fashionistas now turned to a rather forgotten piece of accessory: the badge. When a scarf or a fedora simply doesn’t go well with an outfit (like when you wear classy blazers) and the look is monochromatic in colour, you can add the splash of monotony-breaking element by attaching a badge in a suitable and contrasting bold nuance and design. The badge can be combined in colour with your handbag for example, and in that way will perfectly wrap up your vision.

Stephanie Tierney