History and Modern Inspirations: A Journey Through America's Most Popular Beers
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History and Modern Inspirations: A Journey Through America’s Most Popular Beers

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History and Modern Inspirations: A Journey Through America’s Most Popular Beers

The American dream of having equal opportunity to pursue our passions and aspirations is alive and well in the craft beer industry. Everyone has access to the same ingredients, yet each brewer creates a unique flavour that stands out in the market. This bubbling creativity and expression of individuality has given us an array of delicious beverages to take our palettes on a rollercoaster of enjoyment.

We all have a love story with beer on varying levels. Whether it’s a weekend reunion with an old friend or a quiet evening at home, opening an ice-cold bottle or can of beer has become a timeless tradition. In the USA – and around the world – this tradition is more vibrant than ever before. Their domestic crafts have slithered their way into the Aussie market with a vengeance, boasting unique flavours with each sip.

What Are Popular American Beers?

While the fermentation tanks of the USA hold a bounty of brews, some classic American beers have caught the attention of Aussie connoisseurs more than others. The secret to their success lies in a combination of fresh ingredients, bold flavours and unforgettable aromas.

Pipeworks Overflowing with Motueka Pale Ale

Pipeworks Overflowing with Motueka Pale Ale
Source: bitterpops.com

The Motueka hops are the stars of this show, with their well-balanced bitterness, alongside magnificent notes of juicy lime and tropical fruits. The tropical and citrusy aromas add to a simple malt character and a bit of spiciness for an all-around excellent beverage that we can’t get enough of.

As for appearance, this beer looks like a warm sunset over the ocean – with a stunning orange hue and a light head full of white lace. It’s not overly carbonated or heavy but it does have a good mouthfeel and a slight tingle on the tongue. It’s 6% ABV is not as strong as some pale ales out there, but it has just enough oomph to make you feel warm and fuzzy.

Dssolvr Pyramid Games IPA

Next up on the list of American beers in Australia is an amalgamation of alluring aromas, luscious texture and a distinctive flavour profile. Pyramid Games is an American double dry-hopped India Pale Ale that manages to combine the hoppy bitterness of traditional IPAs and the fruity sweetness of modern-day American hops.

Its flavour is a medley of citrus, pine and tropical fruit. The beer is slightly cloudy and golden in colour with a white head that lingers for quite some time. It has a medium body, smooth texture and an ABV of 5.6%. Overall, it’s a highly drinkable and balanced IPA with just enough complexity to keep it interesting.

Evil Twin Tiny Neighbourhood, Big Views

Evil Twin Tiny Neighbourhood, Big Views
Source: eviltwin.nyc

From the Evil Twin brewery comes an exceptionally juicy, Hazy IPA with a modern twist. Tiny Neighbourhood, Big Views is brewed with Citra, Nelson Sauvin and Simcoe hops, resulting in a flavour that is some part tropical and citrusy, with juicy fruit and floral notes.

It has an opaque yellow colour with a thick white head and a medium-light body. But this seemingly light beer has a surprisingly high ABV of 10.4%, which packs a serious punch even for experienced beer lovers.

Sierra Nevada Northern Hemisphere Wet Hop IPA

Created way back in 1996, this Northern Hemisphere Wet Hop IPA is an American classic for a reason. It’s made with fresh hops from the Yakima Valley in Eastern Washington, which are picked at the peak of their season and added to the brew within 24 hours. This process is what gives this beer its signature scent, with its woodsy and piney aroma that is balanced out by a deep maltiness.

Its appearance is on par with the aroma, a warm copper colour with a slightly off-white head. The medium body and creamy texture are incredibly pleasing on the palate, and it has a subtle sweetness that lingers happily. This beer also has an ABV of 6.9%, which is more than enough to get you a bit tipsy.

Anchorage Don’t Think About It DDH DIPA

Don’t Think About It is a double dry-hopped Double IPA from Anchorage Brewing, inspired by the West Coast brewing methods. It’s entirely based on Citra-Incognito hops, which are then fermented using Thiol-boosting yeast to give the beer a big juicy character.

The aroma is wonderfully tropical and fruity, with melon, pineapple and mango flavours that come through nicely in the taste as well. The hazy golden hue and white foam head complete this beer’s overall presentation, with subtle carbonation and a strong ABV of 8.9%.

Anderson Valley Cherry Gose

Anderson Valley Cherry Gose
Source: mybeerdealer.com.au

This brew has an intensely sour taste, with plenty of saltiness and a slight fizziness. The bright bing cherry extract that’s found at the heart of this beverage helps to balance out some of the tartness and makes it an incredibly refreshing batch.

This translates to a gorgeous deep brownish-red colour and a thick white foam head. It’s immediately recognisable in both scent and taste, with a complex flavour of cherries, spices and lemons that plays across the tongue. The ABV is just 4.2%, which is low enough to enjoy this beer at any time of day.

Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Milk Stout

Rounding off the list of American beer styles is a milky stout that is as memorable as it is delicious. Belching Beaver’s Peanut Butter Milk Stout has a creamy body and a delicately roasted flavour that is followed by a hint of sweetness from the peanut butter extract used in brewing.

It’s pitch black with a modest brown head, with aromas of coffee and dark roasted malts. There’s a surprising complexity to the taste which includes chocolate, vanilla and caramel notes as well. It has an ABV of 5.3%, with a medium body and smooth texture that ensures it goes down easily.

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