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If you are sick and tired of the plain and boring style of your dining room, giving it its much needed refresh doesn't necessarily have to mean a full-blown overhaul. We all want to make our home look its best without having to spend a fortune, and luckily when it comes to the this part of the house, there are so many details you could add to it to create the ambiance you so desire. I promise you that's possible by just switching up a few things and adding some details. In this blog post we will talk about some of the little things you could do to give your dining room a brand new glow.
Until I purchased my own home, the only contact I had with interior design ideas was through home and lifestyle magazines. And after years of looking at the lovely homes of celebrities on TV, I figured I had enough knowledge and have developed a fine taste to transform my newly bought house into an inviting living space. So I decided on my starting point - the windows. In the old apartment that I rented, I didn't have a chance to dress up my windows as they came with pre-installed outside shutters that were quite old-fashioned and started to warp from the moisture-and-salt-rich air that comes with living near the coast. So I in this new beginning I saw a chance to add my favourite window treatment type – roman blinds.
Autumn is officially here! While some people are currently enjoying the refreshing drop in temperatures, others are dreading the fact that we're getting closer and closer to winter. Especially the ones like me – the perpetually cold people. There's an upside to this though - the chilly weather is the perfect excuse to adorn your home with stylish new accents that will help you stay warm and cozy. Like for instance, a bamboo throw – one for the sofa, one for the bed, one for your reading nook.

Summer might be approaching its end, but we here in Australia are lucky to get to enjoy mild autumns that allow us to steal some wonderful moments of sunshine every now and then. So, instead of staying inside your home, why not make the most...

A solar charge controller helps control the amount of current or voltage that passes through the system. This is an important feature when it comes to preventing your batteries from overcharging. Typically, 12V solar panels put out 16 to 20V, but most solar panel batteries...

Growing a garden demands a lot more than water and sweat. In fact, you can put your hardest effort into tilling and fertilizing the soil and installing sprinklers, and still fail to get the desired results. So, what seems to be the problem then? Usually...

Glass is one material that will ever become outdated. In our daily lives we come into contact with so many things made of glass from windows and glasses all the way to appliances and furniture. Although it's been centuries since glass furniture has been around, it still somehow manages to stay current and stylish. Like for instance, glass dining tables, which can bring a modern feel to any kind of dining room setting.
Thinking of quality of life, and the essence in making wise green choices when it comes to our planet as well as our well-being, it’s not surprising the future is in eco-friendly options that are focused on durability, sustainability, and recyclability. It’s not surprising bamboo as a material, particularly when it comes to bedding, has made it to such a trend, given the fact these three aforementioned aspects are its basics.