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If you can add warmth with a few easy tweaks in your living room, why would your yard be any different in this day and age? New yard, new you right?
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How to Turn Your Yard Into Your Own Private Paradise

How to Turn Your Yard Into Your Own Private Paradise

Anyone who has modern home décor has felt its significance. But what about your yard, the only constant contact with the outdoors since the start of this pandemic? The lack of time spent outdoors has reminded us that we need to go back to our roots. On the other hand, the safety and comfort felt indoors is not easily attainable. Or is it? If you can add warmth with a few easy tweaks in your living room, so why would your yard be any different in this day and age?

Make Use of Outdoor Storage Sheds

green outdoor storage shed in garden

As their name implies, buying outdoor storage sheds allows easy and proper storage of your outdoor essentials. Both aesthetics and safety are important for one’s own paradise. Keeping your tools in their own neat specialized spot will not only maintain your yard clutter-free but also free from any sharp and dangerous edges that might harm your kids, pets or yourself. Not to mention the pests for your lush garden.

In addition, you can store away your outdoor furniture when you need to make additional space or the seasons start exerting damaging effects. Your outdoor furniture, no matter how durable it is, is always best when stored during the winter to prevent cracks and fading. As if cleaning up and containing your clutter in storage boxes or out of them wasn’t enough, you can use garden sheds to expand the repertoire of possibilities your yard can offer. Which type of garden shed is best for you depends on your vision but there are some universal options that are suitable for many uses.

First and foremost, you can build an outdoor kitchen. Not only will it enhance your entertaining skills and make cooking easier but it will expand the living space, especially if it’s close to your indoor kitchen. Also, even though large garden sheds alone don’t increase the value of your home, an outdoor kitchen definitely will.

In general, a permit isn’t a necessity for an outdoor kitchen’s construction but you might need to bear in mind the rules on placing a structure near the limits of your estate and its height. There may be other restrictions if you live in a conservation area. If there ever is a paradise, however, it must have an outdoor kitchen so looking into this topic more thoroughly is strongly advisable.

If greening up your thumb was a top priority during this pandemic, turning your large shed into a greenhouse will serve both your body and your mind. Not only will you get to practice a meditative activity and free up your mind from the daily stresses of the world but you’ll also get homegrown veggies, fruits and herbs. Growing anything from spinach and broccoli to strawberries and melons is possible, just follow the seasons.

Also, are you a remote worker? Why not try and set up a home office in your outdoor storage shed? Working remotely is not going away anytime soon. Having a meeting in the kitchen with your kids screaming is so 2020. Having a designated workspace will help you keep things separated and into perspective. Even if you are not a remote worker, turning your large shed into a home office has its benefits. A secluded place to brainstorm away from the noise and close to your plants can stimulate your thought much more easily.

A gym fanatic that was ripped away from his/her place for blowing off some steam? A garden shed-turned-home gym can be your place where you can privately and uninterruptedly break a sweat.

Last but not least, provide your guest with a full-blown premium hospitality experience when they visit your home. The couch would’ve sufficed but a private room a step away from the garden is what any guest would dream of.

Hire a Landscaper 

landscaper doing his job

Part of creating your personal paradise is the effort you put into it. The bitter-sweetness of the experience makes the enjoyment of the end product much more satisfactory. So why do people need landscapers in the first place? Even for the DIY enthusiast, a collaboration could prep you for being able to always redo and improve your outdoor area.  Once you notice the professional touch, you won’t hesitate if hiring a landscaper worth it anymore. 

Firstly, landscapers have been practising their creative skills and training their eye for any detail your yard needs or needs to get rid of. Bear in mind that they have studied for this moment and are full of ideas you might not dare to dream of.  On the other hand, if you have a natural nack and desire to get into landscaping projects, learning from a professional will definitely come in handy. 

If you’re really keen on a particular style but can’t put the pieces together, a landscaper might be the final piece of your puzzle.  In addition to the creative and design work, landscapers offer site and budget analysis, making sure you don’t shoot for the stars when you only have a toy gun. Besides the health benefits of investing and spending time in greenery,  landscaping will increase the “curb appeal” and the value of your property.

Don’t Forget About Maintenance

woman maintaining her garden

The living beings in your yard need daily attention. Remember that the fruits that you want to enjoy are the fruits of your labour. A garden doesn’t stay lush all by itself. Besides daily watering, there are some things that should be done on a weekly or yearly level. Some activities you might enjoy or struggle with by yourself. Others, however, are best done by professionals, like tree shaping services. 

Tree pruning is advised when large tree branches grow in the direction of wires, windows, roofs, or your neighbour’s house. Both mature and young trees benefit from tree trimming. Mature tree pruning removes diseased, dying or dead branches, thus, maintaining a tree’s shape, health and safety profile. Young tree pruning, on the other hand, allows the future growth of a single dominant stem by providing a future framework. 

Even so, there are certain times when you should not trim trees. Damaged branches can and should be removed at any time, even in the summer, as they are potential hazards. However, removal of healthy limbs should only be done in the middle of winter or early spring. In early winter, the tree is in its dormant period hence sleeping. In early spring, active growth has begun hence natural growth of new branches and compensation is possible.

Organize a Yard Sale

Starting fresh seems to be a thing these past 2 years. It’s time to get rid of all the things that are dragging you into the past.  Not only can you replace your old outdoor furniture but also clean your closet while you’re at it.  

New yard, new you right?

Stephanie Tierney