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Industrial Mobile Computers: Picking the Right Type for the Job

Industrial Mobile Computers: Picking the Right Type for the Job

Computing has become a part of every industry and it’s made many industrial processes, whether tracking inventory or supporting technicians and engineers much easier. As a result, it has increased productivity and efficiency. In other words, an industrial mobile computer can drastically increase the number of tasks that can be done in a workday, and the accuracy and speed they’re performed with.

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The real challenge is to pick the right industrial mobile computer. With all the different types available, it can be difficult to understand what the differences between them are. Selecting the right model is of paramount importance for helping you get the most out of the technology. The first step is to carefully consider your specific needs. Are you going to use it in a rugged environment? What type of barcodes will it be reading? Will you need a wireless one? What are you using it for? Field operations, asset tracking, inventory? The answer to these questions will help you determine the best type of mobile computer for your operations.

Basic Mobile Computers

These are the most simple models, and they don’t feature WAN or Wi-Fi connection, so everything you store with them will have to be scanned or keyed-in into a text file. Then, you’d have to dock this device to a tablet, laptop or computer, and upload the file. These come in a wide range of ruggedness levels, but they aren’t usually made for rough handling. They’re ideal for simple, asset collection, inventorying or any other application that doesn’t require you to record data without connectivity or advanced features.

Phone-Size Mobile Computers

These mobile computers give you everything you need, packed in a compact, yet rugged design. They are rich with features and include WAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. Given their durability and size, they’re ideal for field workers, site managers, delivery drivers and for performing any other task that should be done outside the walls of your business. This device fills in the need for a laptop, phone or a computer, as it has the connectivity and capabilities to do everything itself.

Full-Size Mobile Computers

These mobile computers are similar to phone-sized computers, except they offer a full range of connectivity and an even more rugged design for the most challenging environments. They also feature a full keypad and various scanner types to meet any demand. You’ll find these mobile computers in warehouses, distribution centers, construction areas, oil rigs, or FedEx trucks. Some full-size mobile computers can even operate under water.

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