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Some Items That Can Make You More Comfortable and Productive in the Office

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Some Items That Can Make You More Comfortable and Productive in the Office

After a certain amount of time of working from a desk in an office, you develop certain aches that come along with the job you have chosen. These bodily strains aren’t just a problem because of the pain they cause, but they can also disrupt your workflow and level of productivity if you constantly have to stop and just walk around the office because you can’t bear to be at your desk anymore. Luckily, there are a few items that can help you out greatly.

In terms of items that can help you clear up the mess on your desk, there is no better choice than the stand up document holder. The stand up document holder can easily help you sort out all of your files that would have otherwise been laying all over your desk or spilling onto your workspace or your floor. It keeps your documents open, upright and easy to see so that you can continue working. There is no need for you to keep holding and flipping through pages while also trying to work on the keyboard and wondering how useful another pair of arms would be right about now. Additionally, it allows you to work and not have to contort your neck just to be able to read the next line on the page as the files are set at eye level.

The most common source of bodily pain and stiffness in the workplace is the common office chair, and the best solution is replacing it with a mesh-back from the ergonomic variety. These types of chairs put priority on your posture and sitting position and take the pressure off of your joints. They hold your back in its natural shape, let you adjust the height so that your feet are always placed flat on the floor and parallel to each other (the recommended stance), and allow you to move around your office freely without having to reach over to grab some badly placed documents. The design of the back also has another useful feature that can improve the air flow, especially during the summer months, and keep you cool and comfortable.

Finally, the last recommended item that you should get would have to be the monitor mount. It is a simple item that has the function of holding the monitor and letting you adjust it to your exact and preferred eye level. It can be attached to either the wall or the desk, and while most offices go for the desk option, the weight and dimensions of the monitor itself are also a vital factor when considering which one you should pick out. The monitor mount is sort of a combination of the first two items, as it allows you to not have to strain your neck or hunch over the desk so that your sight is in line with the monitor thus avoiding back pain and eye strain.

Stephanie Tierney