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Love & Relationships

There's a lot of little and big things that can affect the final outcome of a wedding. It's like a huge machine, and even the smallest elements, like the choice of candy jars or cookie jars, can play an important part and can potentially be just the thing that makes your wedding stand out. In fact, finishing touches can offer some of the best decorative, fun or photo opportunities for your special day.
We’re most alive when we’re in love. – John Updike Love makes the world go round, it does so now, it’s been so in the past, and it’s going to be so in the future. It should come as no surprise many have used love as a main subject for their poems, texts, books, drawings and even architecture – it’s an endless source of inspiration!

What is love without a love mark on the neck to state “I'm taken”? Well, it is also love, only without a kiss bite, also known as a hickey. However, many couples like these bruises that result from aggressive kissing or sucking on a soft...

I don't know why, but sleeping in a hotel has always been exciting for me, especially when I am with my husband. We often travel, visit various places and experience hotels; it's kind of our thing. And while in a perfectly designed, arranged and supplied...